HOLLYWOOD—I cannot think of a movie that I was more excited to see in years beyond the upcoming “Scream” (2022) that is slated to hit theaters on January 14, 2022. Well, let me take that back I’m usually thrilled about all nostalgic horror until I actually see the movie. Why is that? I think we build up the hype for the movie and place the expectations so high if the movie doesn’t reach those expectations we are beyond disappointed.

However, I must say there is something about that trailer for “Scream” that gave me goosebumps. It felt darker, more serious in tone, violent and intense. Yeah, you can say that about many horror films and there trailers. That is the problem with any good movie trailer, ESPECIALLY in the horror genre they tend to spoil things for you.

You have a good idea of the opening sequence, who might get killed who might live and so much more. The point of a good movie trailer is to excite the audience, not to have them enter the theater knowing exactly what is going to happen in every frame of the film people. Not smart, not wise and terrible marketing if I must say the least.

It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years, yes it was 1996 when “Scream” first arrived in theaters and I was in middle school wanting to see this movie that had so much buzz behind it, but my parents said no. That is always a terrible feeling hearing people brag about a movie that you want to see, but you can’t. I think I finally got to see the movie nearly a year later, before its sequel “Scream 2” hit theaters and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

A movie that reinvented the horror genre that was absolutely dying at the time America and that is no joke. The 80s killed the horror genre and the 90s hadn’t delivered anything fresh, until Kevin Williamson delivered this witty, smart, scary script about teenagers not just knowing the rules of a horror movie, but actually having those rules play out in real life.

The film became a box-office hit as a result of word of mouth buzz and the big reveal of the killers being Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Sorry it’s not a spoiler anymore its 25 years later, if you haven’t seen “Scream” you should NOT be reading this column. The film ushered in the rules of horror and gave us iconic characters Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley, all portrayed by Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Yeah, the fact that ALL FOUR of them survived four films in the franchise speaks wonders, and they are back for the fifth installment in the franchise, but something tells me they’re NOT all going to make it this time around people.

That is indeed a scary feeling to say the least, bringing back that dread we felt in “Scream 2” when Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) met his maker courtesy of Ghostface. “Scream 2” really ramped up the chaos, but it was missing that terror factor that I think was potent in the original you would laugh one minute and literally be on edge the next second that is what makes the 1996 flick such a classic.

Well, in 2022, a new killer has emerged using the iconic Ghostface mask to torture teens in Woodsboro who are trying to figure out who in their friend group they can trust. Yeah, the trailer pin points that almost anyone can be the killer and anyone can be in danger. Dewey, Gale, Sidney and our host of newbies including Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) who returns to Woodsboro after a vicious attack on a loved one. She then seeks out Dewey to help her figure out the killer’s identity and stop the murders that are piling up a massive body count people.

The only caveat missing is the fact that Wes Craven, the late great director who died in 2015 is not at the helm of this flick, those duties were tasked by the creators of the horror comedy flick “Ready or Not” which I must say was quite entertaining to say the least. But I’m not really a fan of horror comedy. If I want to laugh I will see a comedy, this is horror so I want to be scared, but a sprinkle of comedy here and there never hurts people, not one bit to say the least.

Audiences are being teased an epic installment in the franchise that will indeed return us to the nostalgia of the 1996 classic. However, do not spoil the ending people. Please don’t the best part of the “Scream” franchise is finding out who the killer or killers are and if you can connect the dots to the clues given throughout the film. Yeah, I’m intrigued to find out who this new elusive killer or killers are and how they are connected to Dewey, Gale and Sidney. That later being potent for me, the motive for the killings is always more intriguing than the reveal of the killer(s) people. So keep your mouth shut and be wary of going on social media where the secrets are bound to be spoiled people.

Prepare yourself for a fun time at the movies because “Scream” (2022) arrives on January 14, 2022, and trust me I will deliver my full review of the movie next week and hopefully it lives up to the hype people.