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Cast Members Of “Scream 6” Revealed!

HOLLYWOOD—Ok people, the stakes for the next installment in the “Scream” franchise, which many of us are thinking is “Scream 6” has just got...

“Scream” Is Returning 25 Years Later!

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot think of a movie that I was more excited to see in years beyond the upcoming “Scream” (2022) that is slated to...

“Scream” Is Returning To Our Lives!

HOLLLYWOOD─I seriously cannot believe this, we are actually getting another installment in the popular 90s horror franchise “Scream.” Yes, there are still plenty of...

The Sequel Debate: “Scream 2”

HOLLYWOOD—Last week, we looked at a sequel that was highly heralded by many cinema buffs as being one of the best ever made. This...
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