HOLLYWOOD—The new FOX series “Scream Queens” had me hooked in the first 5 minutes, and that twisted final moment of last week’s episode made it apparent things are not always as they seem. The latest episode, ‘Chainsaw’, saw more secrets and bloodshed emerge for the students and faculty at Wallace University.

Zayday and Grace did a quick stop at the market, but were oblivious to the fact that someone was stalking them in the Red Devil costume. Too bad it wasn’t the real killer. Chanel and Chanel #5 discovered that Chanel #2’s body has now gone missing also. Likely means she might not be dead. Zayday and Grace speculated that Chanel #2 is dead after spotting a large blood stain on the carpet in her room, and our resident security guard hit on all the points the audience knows.

The wit and sarcasm on this series is spot on. That conversation between Chad and Chanel left me falling off the couch. Dean Munsch held a rally to send a message that no serial killer is loose on campus, and introduced the new mascot, Coney. The audience came face-to-face with Chanel #2’s parents and they discovered that she has been sleeping around with Chanel’s BF Chad. This guy seriously gets around.

Some of the pledges of Kappa Kappa Tau met Grace’s father who was now teaching Film Analysis, which centered on horror flicks, starting with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” He seemed a bit too excited to watch the film, just as Gigi snuck into the class; maybe this week’s episode was a major clue. Two mascots went toe-to-toe as Red Devil sliced Coney in half with a chainsaw! Hester snuck into Chanel’s closet which led to a confrontation with the Queen Bee who had a plan.

Gigi and Cathy decided that rooming in the Kappa house will bound the ladies, just as she threatened Gigi to stay away from Wes. Chanel #3 and Sam got closer as she divulged that her real father is Charles Manson. She constantly pointed out that she was not the killer, but wanted Sam to be her alibi buddy. The sorority sisters discussed their flings with Chad, just as Chanel introduced the revamped Hester, who is now known as Chanel #6. This caused Chanel #5 to flip out.

Denise (Niecy Nash), Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) speculate.
Denise (Niecy Nash), Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) speculate.

Chad held a hilarious meeting for the Dollar Scholars who seem to enjoy drinking a bit more than anything. They went on a mission to torture the campus, but found themselves confronted by two people in Red Devil costumes and Chad almost met his maker, but a frat brother sacrificed his life for his pal.

Pete and Grace touched base about their rift, as suspicions rose about possible suspects behind the Red Devil costume. Her money was on Chad, while Pete placed his suspicions on the child of a Kappa sister who left school abruptly. That new information resulted in a road trip for the Pete and Grace. Denise arrested Zayday under the guise that she could be the killer. She did bring up the point that the killer is working with someone else. We already know Boone is in cahoots with the killer. Seeing Denise pull out that chainsaw made it apparent that someone is looking to frame the token black girl. While inside the house, she received a text and was off to a study group.

Wes flipped when he realized that Grace was MIA, and she lied to her dad when he called. Cathy and Gigi called it a night, but it became apparent that Cathy’s white noise machine was disrupting Gigi’s sleep. Looks like that was Cathy’s plan all along, as Gigi cozied up on the sofa in the living room; she was unaware that the Red Devil was behind her with chainsaw in hand. They came after Gigi, who fought back. Wes heard the screams and came to her rescue, but he was injured, and the killer got away. Wes suspected that Cathy was the killer, but I’m not buying that!

This is sure a twisted tale, where figuring out the killer won’t be that easy. Until next Tuesday “Scream Queens” fanatics!