HOLLYWOOD—As I noted, the predictability factor on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” is just disappointing to say the least America. The moment that Deacon ushered his way back into Hope’s orbit courtesy of Sheila Carter, something was going to transpire with Brooke and Deacon that would ultimately blow up Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Have I missed anything writers? Of course not, because while the big bomb has NOT happened just yet, I guarantee you the secret will be discovered by Steffy and Thomas next week just as we usher in February Sweeps.

Brooke has been attempting to wrap her mind around the fact that she had a sudden urge to drink, even though she hasn’t wanted a drink in years. Gosh, Brooke is so close to the truth, if she would just think about the champagne that she was drinking all the dots would be connected. You didn’t just drink because you wanted to it was because Sheila gave you alcohol and it led to that craving to drink and drink that caused you to kiss Deacon and wind up in bed with him.

Yeah, Hope was able to finally pry the truth out of Brooke was stunned, but not stunned with the outcome. Hell, I secretly think that Hope is hoping that her parents reunite. Liam learned about the truth and the couple found themselves in a pickle. How so? They are trying to keep a lid on what Douglas witnessed grandma kissing Santa Claus. Douglas shared that tale with Ridge, Thomas and Steffy whose wheels begin to churn people. Steffy just feels like she is holier than though, but this woman has committed more wicked deeds than I can count. How many times have you slept or gone after a married man? Yeah, this is the woman who slept with Bill Spencer, Liam Spencer’s father. Let’s not throw darts at Brooke or anyone else, because saint is the last thing that should be on your tongue.

Then we have Thomas whose obsession with Hope and wicked misdeeds to keep the truth about Beth being alive involves psychologically and verbally abusing his son says it all people. Oh, the icing on the cake is the fact that Thomas was responsible for causing Emma to lose control of her car, crashing into a ditch that ultimately led to her death. I’m still wondering when the writers are going to actually address that story that they should ignored as if it never existed people.

So for those wondering what might happen next, Ridge will learn the truth, his marriage to Brooke might finally be over, he’s going to go running after Taylor, Thomas and Steffy will be happy, until the other shoe drops. What is that? Sheila manipulates Taylor by revealing the truth about swapping the champagne bottles and blackmails Taylor to keep the secret otherwise she’ll expose the truth which blows up her reunion with Ridge. In the process Taylor is forced to ensure, Sheila gets to spend time with Finn and Hayes otherwise the secret comes to light. It might take a few months before that transpires, but you better believe Sheila’s antics are about to skyrocket knowing she just pulled off this ruse.

In other news Zende and Paris are dating, but they are NOT exclusive. Ok, make that make sense? Either you guys are together or you’re not. The way things look you’re not together so move on. Paris is sucking face with Carter, who totally shattered her sister Zoe’s heart, so it explains why Grace, Paris’ mom is concerned. Grace knows her daughter should be with Zende and it looks like she is about to stick her nose into a relationship where no one asked for her input.

Carter is concerned about moving forward with Paris, because damn just a few weeks ago it seemed Carter and Katie would become an item, but that is NOT the case. The writers totally shut that storyline quicker than you can count to three people. Do I care where this tale goes? Not quite, unless Zoe makes her return to town it’s not going anywhere people.

Let’s just hope that this secret doesn’t lead to Brooke drinking again and Bill waiting in the wings to make his move, which will only irritate Katie. Brooke has to do some soul searching, but you best believe when the truth about Sheila’s role in the melee comes to light utter hell will break loose people and then we might finally get surprises on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that are worth watching.