BEVERLY HILLS—On Friday, November 20, several store windows in Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area were shot out by BB gun pellets.

Early Friday morning around 3 a.m., authorities received several calls about apparent vandalism in the area.  One of the stores, Fast Toys, located on the 1800 block La Cienega Blvd, rents out exotic sports cars. Other streets hit were located on Wilshire and Robertson boulevards.

No damages, other than the ones that were inflicted on the stores’ windows were reported. No injuries were also reported.

The authorities believe that the BB gun pellets were shot from a moving vehicle. There are currently no suspects or suspect being looked at in regards to this case.

Despite the fact that a BB gun was fired into these stores does not make the case any less dangerous. BB gun pellets, depending on the type of gun being used, can exit the barrel of a gun fast enough to actually kill someone. If being shot by a BB gun doesn’t kill a person, it will definitely leave bruises on the body. Although BB guns are classified as Air guns, there are Air gun laws that each state must adhere to.

The incident is still under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.