HOLLYWOOD—How in the hell Shiloh Archer has not faced the consequences for his actions on “General Hospital” I will never know. I mean, he is the leader of a cult, utilizes women as sex slaves and drugged not only Kristina, but Sam as well and was about to sexually assault her. He weaseled his way out of those drugging charges thanks to Harmony’s absolute stupidity. Diane was planning to deliver Shiloh on a silver platter to the courts, in his quest to gain Intel from Willow about Wiley, but her lateness to court thanks to Liz, Franco and Lulu gave Shiloh the victory he wanted.

This utterly sucks, and all because a few side players are hoping to ‘surprise’ Willow. Look, just tell her she still has a job at the school. Valentin and Nina might not be happy with the result, but does anyone truly care? I mean Valentin is so threatened by Jax it’s hilarious. He has hired Curtis of all people to go digging. Does Curtis not realize that Jax might be a nice guy on the outside, but he can play dirty if he likes. Also his brother is Jerry Jacks. That is the last person you want to toy around with. I sense with so much discussion about Jerry, that we might see the sinister one make his presence known yet again in Port Charles.

By the way, I’m trying to get used to the new Nina and I’m not fully there. Michelle Stafford brought some quirks with the character that were a ton of fun to watch on the small screen. I will admit I’m LOVING Stafford in her role as Phyllis on “The Young and the Restless.” The Phyllis that we’ve come to love is back and it’s only going to get better from here.

Back to “GH” people, it seems Sonny’s friend in Turkey, Dev, has arrived at his doorstep and is already bumping heads with Josslyn. Hmm, I sense a potential romance in the works for Joss after losing Oscar. Oscar’s death is indeed hitting Kim and Drew very hard. Kim is hallucinating her son, while Drew is doing all in his power from breaking into a million pieces. Kim wants to have a son, and she wants to have a son desperately. First, she proposed the idea to Drew, then Julian, and now it looks like sleazy Shiloh is going to try to take advantage of Kim’s emotionally weak state of mind.

The mystery behind Neil is indeed ramping up. Alexis hasn’t gained much traction, but her pal Diane did. How so? She provided a death notice for Neil’s daughter. Now this is quite interesting to say the least. Why? We don’t know anything about Neil’s past. There has been speculation that Neil might be connected to Willow, but we know that NOT to be true considering the two have come into contact already and gave no inclination of that.

In addition, Willow disclosed to Michael that her father died and she may have been responsible. Was she? Not quite, but Dawn of Day was intertwined with her father’s untimely demise people. More people is being entangled into this web, all because Brad is refusing to tell the truth, Wiley is dead! Yes, by uttering those words, the war between Shiloh and Willow will cease, Michael will get his son back, but you will be exposed. Brad has done heinous things people, but this might be the worst of them all.

There were some other surprises this week on “GH.” For starters, Jason found himself arrested after revisiting Beecher’s Corner to get the goods on Carol about Shiloh’s role in the death of Willow’s father. Shiloh has deep connections in BC, as the cop who arrested Jason knows Shiloh. So this looks to be part of Shiloh’s master plan America.

Michael is working to get his pal out of prison. On the flip side, Willow found herself arrested and jailed by Chase of all people, after refusing to give up details on her child courtesy of the court.

Dev and Josslyn are getting to know one another, which I sense will cause ire with Cameron, who has already had a torch for Joss.