Tag: Wiley

Nelle Benson Busted On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have known that the Nurses Ball in 2020 would produce some of the most riveting story telling for “General Hospital” in quite...

Wiley Is Jonah Finally Revealed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─I have been waiting for this moment for what seems like years, and it has finally arrived on “General Hospital,” but dare I say...

“General Hospital” Drops A Bombshell!

HOLLYWOOD—What the hell type of twist did the writers of “General Hospital” drop on viewers on Friday. Talk about a got damn cliffhanger. I...

Shiloh Causes Chaos On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—How in the hell Shiloh Archer has not faced the consequences for his actions on “General Hospital” I will never know. I mean, he...
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