TOKYO, JAPAN—Six members of the Asia University based inTokyo, Japan have created a groundbreaking device that will allow those that practice sign language to communicate on a closer level than before. Cao Zu-Wei, Hu Ya-Chun, Huang Ching-Lan, Liao Po-Yang, Tsai Tu-Chi and Yang Yi-Hsien of Asia University will be presented a Red Dot Award for their design of the Sign Language ring.

The set includes a bracelet and detachable rings that allow the wearer’s hand gestures to be translated into speech. The rings also translate voice into text for the wearer to understand what the speaker is saying. When the wearer is done with the bracelet and rings, the bracelet can be opened to reveal a compartment for the rings to be stored until the wearer needs it again. This design can help better the communication between a deaf or hard of hearing person. According to the Red Dot website, the bracelet is based on Buddhist Prayer beads.

According to their website, the Red Dot Design award has been around since 1955. The Red Dot Design award is one of the biggest competitions in the world. In the 2013, the red dot design award received more than 15,500 applications from 70 countries.