MALIBU—A single-vehicle crash on Sunday, July 22 in Malibu resulted in the death of a 24-year-old motorist,  Manuel A. Canche, of Simi Valley the California Highway Patrol officials reported. Driving his 2011 BMW, Canche was traveling northbound when he crossed southbound lanes and hit a boulder on the west shoulder of Kanan Dume Road, by Backbone Trail.

According to Radio Malibu, Kanan Dume Road was one of the roads in Malibu that experienced an increase in established speed limit, from 50 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour.

CHP officials indicated the incident occurred at 12:25 a.m. Canche, after hitting the off-road boulder, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Though the Simi Valley man was the only motorist harmed during Sunday’s incident, CHP officials said drugs and/or alcohol may have been involved in the collision. They noted further investigation is necessary to confirm the connection between the crash and drug use.