SHERMAN OAKS—A man was arrested on Friday, June 1, after leading the Los Angeles Police Department on a slow-speed chase, with the suspect only traveling about 10 miles an hour.

The incident began around 10:15 p.m. on Thursday, May 31. Authorities suspected that the driver of a Nissan Sentra was intoxicated and that the vehicle was stolen. Officers suspected the driver was a woman because of their long hair, but later identified the suspect as a man. The chased transpired through Reseda, Sherman Oaks and other San Fernando Valley regions.

The police deployed several Pursuit Intervention Techniques, also known as PIT maneuvers to stymie the driver’s progress, but those measures are designed to derail vehicles traveling at higher speeds. At 5-10 mph, the PIT maneuvers were not effective. Bystanders along the pursuit route tried to aid officers in stopping the driver, and one was ticketed by police.

The driver temporarily stopped at an Arco Gas station on Oxnard Street and Reseda Boulevard. The video shows several bystanders attempt to assist the police by driving near the vehicle and attempting to open the car door of the Nissan as the driver alluded police.

Officers managed to corner the Nissan near Woodley Avenue and Ventura Boulevard where they arrested 30 year-old Jose Arqimioes Figueroa for evading peace officers.