SANTA MONICA—Pacific Park and  the city of Santa Monica joined a nationwide COVID-19 memorial on Tuesday, January 19, by lighting up the Ferris Wheel with amber lights and messages of gratitude to frontline workers and responders. 

“This weekend marks a grim milestone of the global COVID-19 pandemic as over 1 million Angelenos have contracted the illness. In the US, over 20 million people are confirmed to have had coronavirus. The crisis continues to impact the lives of people all over the world,” Pacific Park wrote in a statement.

According to Pacific Park, “On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at 5:30pm EST, a ceremony in Washington D.C. [featured] a lighting around the Lincoln Reflecting Pool to memorialize American lives lost to COVID-19. Cities and towns across the country have been invited to participate and to spread the word. Individuals wanting to participate are invited to light a candle in the window of their home in memory of loved ones lost to COVID-19.”

Other communities across the United States also participated by lighting the Pacific Wheel amber and included messages of thank you’s to front-line medical responders.

Some messages included: “Thank you doctors * thank you nurses * thank you medical staff * We ❤️ LA.”