CALIFORNIA—Health inspectors reported on Monday, June 15, that about half of the restaurants in Los Angeles county have not been adhering to health guidelines against the current pandemic. There are social distancing measures that need to be implemented in all restaurants in the region. However, these restrictions are not being regulated properly.

The public health director of L.A. county, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, informed that about 50% of 2,000 restaurants in the L.A. county have not been abiding by the health guidelines since in-person dining was allowed to resume as of May 29. Ferrer made these comments according to the accounts she has received from the inspectors who visited the restaurants during the last weekend.

A picture of the restaurant Cafe Birdie in Highland Park (Courtesy of Instagram)

The health guidelines include a limited 60% capacity of people occupying the restaurant at once, regular screening of the personnel and the customers, and face masks, as well. The customers are obliged to wait outside of the restaurant until their table is ready. They are also strongly encouraged to book reservations in advance to avoid crowding. Los Angeles county has provided citizens with a hotline at 888-700-9995 to report any violation of the health guidelines by a restaurant or a business. The city of Los Angeles has also informed that any individual who observes a violation of the stay-at-home order by a business can submit an online complaint through the link below.

A picture of the restaurant Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills (Courtesy of Instagram)

Los Angeles County has devised an Economic Resiliency Task Force composed of business leaders from various sectors such as health care, restaurants, education, entertainment and manufacturing. They help in facilitating the reopening process while adhering to the health guidelines at the same time. Some of the restaurants that are open for in-dining include Cafe Birdie at Highland Park and Mastro’s Steakhouse at the Beverly Hills.