BEVERLY HILLS—On July 11, a Brink’s armored truck was robbed of millions in rare gems and jewelry. The truck was loaded the previous night at the conclusion of the International Gem and Jewelry Show in San Mateo.

The gems were part of that exhibit to be shown at the next showing at the Pasadena Convention Center on 300 East Green Street for July 15-17.

Eighteen people reported that they had gems stolen with a total loss of $100 million.  Reports indicate that there were 18-25 bags of gems and fine jewelry with an actual value of $10 million.

Canyon News reached out to Dana Callahan, spokesperson for Brink’s Security who explained that what happened on July 11 is referred to by Brink as a “loss incident.”

Callahan told Canyon News that the amount of the loss is calibrated using the values the shippers gave them for the delivery.  Brink’s Security provided the following statement.

“Last week, a loss incident involving a Brink’s vehicle occurred near Los Angeles. According to the information the customers provided to us before they shipped their items, the total value of the missing items is less than $10 million. We are working with law enforcement, and we will fully reimburse our customers for the value of their assets that were stolen, in accordance with the terms of our contract,” said Callahan.

Canyon News asked if anyone was hurt and if it was an armed robbery to which Callahan replied she “cannot share anything,” regarding the incident.

According to reports indicated, the robbery transpired on Rodeo Drive. Callahan indicated that she could not confirm only noting the incident occurred in Los Angeles.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is leading the investigation in the case.