UNITED STATES—Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting to say that?

We view conspiracy as a NEGATIVE and so I was excited to use this controversial word as a segway to how the mother-nature loving activities this month are proof that sometimes a conspiracy can be good!

Let’s start with the definition from Merriam Webster because it’s interesting in how they distinguish between the simple vs full definition:


“a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal”


“the act of conspiring together”

The simple version is “harmful or illegal” while the full definition is any type of “conspiring together.” Like conspiring to take a family photo as a gift, or plotting a surprise party?

April provides an example of a good conspiracy, guaranteed to get people up and moving in their community and fostering nature awareness at the same time! The month features Earth Month, Earth Week, National Volunteer Month and National Park Week!

Events are happening everywhere during the month of April, to either clean up this beautiful planet or teach more responsible and sustainable ways. There are many things you can do and this is important to teach the youth something other than the greed and selfishness we are seeing in abundance (so please don’t tell them you are only doing these things because it’s free!)

Celebrating Earth Day started in 1970 and has since morphed into a month-long venue with all types of activities. For example, some wineries in California are calling it DOWN TO EARTH month!

Earth Day 2016 is Friday, April 22 and there will be activities everywhere for you to join and get that good feeling from helping a great cause! The city of Malibu is having a “series of events” from April 19-24 or you can go check out how to help clean Santa Monica Beach! Or, VISIT THIS LINK to check out other volunteering options in California!

National Park Week is between April 16-24! Click here to check out National Parks in California, or here to see when the park near you is featuring a free admittance day!

It is also National Volunteer Month!

Just like Earth Month, this one also started as Volunteer Week in the 70s and caught on, becoming a month-long activity. The functions do not necessarily need to revolve around physical labor but with all the mother nature-themed activities but it sure is a god time to kill two birds with one stone. Check out PG&E’s  organized volunteer cleanups at 11 National Parks in California!

On the other hand, if it was a conspiracy one could speculate that this was created for all those that either could not or did not want to go to parks and clean.

Now there are alternate opportunities to do something selfless, like: thank a girl scout, donate blood, or register to be an organ and tissue donor. My suggestion would be to go visit your local nursing home and ask to visit with the one who has been the longest without a visitor.

If none of that tickles your fancy go ahead and check the Points of Light website – designed to help you navigate around a great cause or zip code!

So whether all of these activities are a conspiracy to make us TAKE PRIDE IN OUR HOME, foster good and noble purposes within communities, or just get some free labor, they DO all serve a higher purpose!

If you are outside California check out the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in its fight against environmental apathy and thank you for helping keep mother earth beautiful!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Comons, NASA, Apollo, and Bill Anders.
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, NASA, Apollo, and Bill Anders.