UNITED STATES—I warned you that I discuss things that no one wants to speak or hear. My psyche is off this week, my mind misfiring and working overtime to cope with the knowledge that another beautiful victim has been revictimized, and how UNCLE SAM still allows it.

To be honest, I do not think I have felt this way since 2008, when Kennedy vs Louisiana’s landmark verdict supported the continuation of exploiting a child’s SOUL, by upholding the rights of rapists.

Here is how the New York Times worded the offense regarding rapist Patrick Kennedy: “convicted and sentenced to death in 2003 for raping his 8-year-old stepdaughter, whose injuries were severe enough to require emergency surgery.”

I am sorry, but this crime was brutal and should be accurately portrayed so we can keep the momentum of anger that it IS GOING TO TAKE to do away with these crimes once and for all. The reason people like me were devastated, was because the heinous facts of the crime came out.

ADA Juliet Clark summarized Patrick Kennedy’s vicious rape of an 8-year old, that:

“tore her vagina on the interior such that it separated partially from her cervix and allowed her rectum to protrude into her vagina.”

I AM SURE my heart was not the only one that broke that day.

Numbness, disassociation, catatonic, self-harming despair. It took me more than a month to escape the DEEP depression that resulted simply because I knew how badly Uncle Sam let down children, again.

More children with ruined lives because their SOUL was broken by someone hiding behind HIS OWN civil liberties after stomping on the civil rights of an 8 year old child.

Victims may put big girl pants on, and defiantly proclaim “you didn’t break me” but let me assure you – we cry, A LOT. If not in the tears you see, then in our SOUL and broken squeaky and problematic consciousness.

It has been proven that humans avoid unpleasantness if possible, like mourning customs. It causes sadness and angst, so we avoid it.

We collectively decide to concentrate on other aspects of the mind, like personality disorders, emotions, intellect – forgetting that PSYCHE is the SOUL, MIND, PERSONALITY and what fuels all the other functions of the brain. When it is broken by sexual abuse, the human cannot function on the same level with others because they are lacking trust, faith, and positive spirit.

Now hardened and angry people like me – lacking a soul yet expected to be “normal” in this world – are devastated AGAIN because of what is happening to KESHA. It IS just as Lena Dunham is quoted as saying,

“When I saw the outcome I became sick.”

When a victim of any type or gender comes forward and says: HEY, this is what happened to me and I do not want to go public BUT you must understand that I cannot work with this person because…


This conduct was already brought forth by Kesha’s mother in 2010, and although TMZ reports Kesha denied it under oath aka TEXTBOOK DENIAL.

Her rapist was an authority over her, and like many young women she no doubt made the decision that millions of women make: to persevere without telling authorities, especially since she had a musician’s dream prize hanging over her.

Kesha is no different than the many women who knew better than to tell, for fear of being put through a process of “PROVING” she was raped. The chances of getting real help is like buying a scratch-off ticket, you will likely lose. Many decide it is not worth the stigma or label.


I guess the big great Sony has opened a can of worms that needed to be opened.

Rape has been sensationalized, from TV INCEST, to thousands of people hitting LIKE on photos like this one for Rohypnol, causing outrage because people want these jokes banned from Facebook.

We MUST learn from Kesha. NO MORE SECRETS, everything needs to be reported.

We have to stop using the very same discretion that others have used to ruin our country. Let the overwhelming reporting of these crimes overload the system, causing the demand that sparks change.

I am so proud that people like Annalynne Mccord, Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and the others who are speaking on behalf of Kesha.

Even more thankful that we live in a world where these established women can give their support without the historical retaliation tactics common for man.

Sadly, girls fighting to make it on their own, as Kesha was when this alleged assault took place, will not have the same ability to SPEAK. They will have to remain silent as groping hands push the limits to see just how far they can go

Bless her soul.

I will end with the words from Kesha, via Instagram:

Courtesy Peter Neill, Wikimedia
Photo courtesy Peter Neill, Wikimedia

“I have nothing left to hide. I did this because the truth was eating away my soul and killing me from the inside. this is not just for me. this is for every woman, every human who has ever been abused. sexually. emotionally. mentally. I had to tell the truth.”