UNITED STATES—Being spoiled, would you argue that is a good thing or a bad thing? In my personal opinion, when you spoil a child, it opens a door for them to be spoiled as adults which is not a good thing in my opinion. If a child has no idea what it means to struggle, how can one expect them to respond to adversity when it strikes them in the face?

That’s just it people, the child, um the adult will not be able to properly manage. When I think of spoil, it’s when someone gets what he or she wants, whenever they want, regardless of the situation. My niece is a bit spoiled. She knows how to utilize her charm, even at the tender age of 4, to get the things that she wants. I have been actively, and I mean actively working to teach her the importance of money, and why it’s important for her to value it. I mean, we have all heard the phrase money does not grow on trees, but how many people understand that?

Not many kids, cause your money is their money in their honest opinion and that is a lesson that has to be well taught. So is there a way to reverse such spoiled behavior? Well, it starts by not catering to a child or adults (this is unfortunate) every want. For kids, make them earn things. Be careful to not always reward because they do something they are expected to do.

That is important, because if a child thinks every time they clean, they are to get paid, they will implement that into the mind. It’s good to reward here and there, but NOT all the time. Once it becomes a habit for a child, that is key, money or rewards can’t ALWAYS be linked to good behavior.

If you break spoiled behavior early for a child, it makes the situation that much better as they age. However, a big problem lies if that spoiled behavior moves into adulthood. I mean, I know people who seriously think it’s okay to not work, or worse, who have no clue how to do the basics. The basics people, take out trash, rake leaves, wash dishes, wash clothes, make a dish, clean. Yes, there are indeed people out there who have been babied so much; their ability to even survive in the real world would diminish if they didn’t have an ally by the side.

My brother is one of those people. This is a kid, who if life doesn’t go his way, he loses it. Guess what buddy, the world does not revolve around you. I mean this guy doesn’t know how to change a tire, doesn’t know how to boost a car, doesn’t clean, doesn’t take out trash, the list goes on. Why is this frustrating? His life is on a collision course, where he will have to learn things at an old age that will prove difficult for him to adjust to. Like who seriously suspects their parents to buy groceries for them because he lives in their house. Like, my mind is baffled people. You’re a so called adult, yet, you want your parents to feed you. Hmm, I don’t think you’re an adult buddy; you’re a spoiled brat who believes the world revolves around you.

Being spoiled is nothing to clap about people; it stifles one’s ability to mature into a responsible, educated and experienced adult. As parents we have to take more initiative to teach our children the importance of earning a buck and that those who work hard eventually see the benefit some point down the line.