SANTA MONICA—On Friday, March 25, Msgr. Lloyd Torgeson, Priest of St. Monica’s Catholic Church on 725 California Avenue announced to his parishioners that over $100,000 in electronic equipment was stolen in a burglary.

According to Santa Monica Police Department Daily Reports #22028122, officers responded to a burglary call at 11:59 p.m. The incident was cleared just after 2 a.m.

Msgr. Torgeson announced on the church’s website that the camera and audio equipment used for live streaming mass was taken. He said, “all of that can be replaced,” and gave thanks that, “no one was in harm’s way.”

“They attempted to breach the tabernacle and it was damaged, but it held strong and protected the Blessed Sacrament. What an inspiring demonstration of the power of the Eucharist!”

“Our parish has faced so much, and yet we are #stillStMonica. The drive and desperation of those who would violate a place of worship for material gain is confounding but not surprising. We must pray and forgive those who trespass against us and continue to work to serve the needs of others to bring contentedness and peace for all humankind. St. Monica, pray for us. I pray for each of you every day and humbly ask for yours. I love you,” said Monsignor Torgeson in statement on the video.

Morning mass was celebrated in the chapel. The elementary school mass was relocated outside. Mass at 12:10 and Friday evening Stations of the Cross were back at the church, but no live stream was available.

St. Monica

Saint Monica is said to have brought her violent husband, Patricio, and her firstborn son, Augustine Christ.

St. Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine is the patron saint of wives, mothers, especially mothers of wayward children, Alcoholics, difficult children, and abuse victims. St. Monica Catholic Church has poems to their patroness on their website.