SANTA MONICA—On Sunday, May 19, at approximately 7:30 p.m. the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) responded to a stabbing in the parking garage number seven at 4th and Broadway. 

According to a May 20, SMPD press release, this was an unprovoked incident.  Cedeno assaulted three individuals. Two victims suffered stab wounds one remains in critical but stable condition; the third victim was assaulted with no major injuries.  

The victims were transported to an area hospital. The suspect, later identified as Larry Ameyal Cedono, 29,  was taken into custody.

The following information came directly from the SMPD press release.

“Upon arriving at the scene, officers immediately began CPR on the first victim while additional officers located the suspect. The suspect was detained and arrested a short time later. The suspect remains in custody at the Santa Monica Jail pending arraignment and the official filing of charges. Suspect: Larry Ameyal Cedeno; DOB 04-20-1995; on probation for larceny.”

The name of the victim has not been released. The victim has not been identified. Police reports indicate no known motive for the attack. SMPD requests that the public avoid the area during the ongoing investigation.

 The City of Santa Monica has the following tips on their website reminding the public to be diligent when it comes to personal safety.

“Make personal safety and security a top priority in your life.  By taking a proactive approach, you can significantly reduce the risk of being criminally victimized.   

Review and familiarize yourself with the following crime prevention personal safety tactics and suggestions.  Share them with your loved ones and friends.  

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Project confidence; walk purposefully and make eye contact with passers-by.

Hold your belongings (purses, shopping bags, backpacks) close to your body.

Carry your wallet inside your coat or in your front pocket.

Park in well-lit areas, near businesses that are open / where there are other people.

When approaching your car, have your keys ready in hand.

Check your back seat before entering the car.

If you think you are being followed, change directions, or cross the street.

Be especially alert when using enclosed or underground parking structures.”