WOODLAND HILLS—Hollywood starlet Mary Carlisle, 104, passed away on Wednesday, August 1. Carlisle, known for dancing and acting alongside Bing Crosby in 1930s musicals, had her final moments at the Motion Picture Television Fund retirement community in Woodland Hills. Carlisle exact cause of death has not been disclosed.

Before working with the likes of Will Rogers and Greta Garbo, Carlisle, born Gwendolyn Witter Stockton, lived in Boston and moved with her widowed mother in Hollywood, where she was noticed by producer Carl Laemmle Jr. Carlisle’s earlier filmography consisted of small roles as an extra in productions like “Madam Satan” and “Grand Hotel.” She became known as the American entertainer Bing Crosby’s co-star in the three musicals “College Humor,”’ “Double or Nothing” and “Doctor Rhythm.”

In 1942, Carlisle married British actor James Blakely, who died in 2007. According to IMDB, Carlisle’s last work as an actress was 1943s “Dead Men Walk” as Gayle Clayton, niece of Dr. Lloyd Clayton played by George Zucco. After her film days, Carlisle managed an Elizabeth Arden salon in Beverly Hills. The actress received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

Carlisle and Blakely had one child from their marriage, James Blakeley III, an interior designer in Beverly Hills. The Hollywood actress leaves behind two grandchildren.