HOLLYWOOD—It was only a matter of time before Sheila Carter would strike yet again causing chaos on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” What is that chaos? Unexpectedly showing up at the beach house where Finn was staying. Little did Sheila know that Steffy had reconciled with Finn and was at home when she did an impromptu visit!

As a result, it led to a war of words between Steffy and Sheila. Yeah, why it’s so difficult for Sheila to come to terms that Steffy will NEVER forgive her, I cannot fathom. You ‘killed’ Finn your son, you shot her in cold-blood and left her to die. There is nothing more to discuss. Yes, you may have saved Kelly in a moment of gratitude, but why do you believe you should get a pass for murder and attempted murder? The only thing I can reckon is that Sheila is a sociopath and that is not a good thing.

Finn was forced to align with Steffy on this battle banning his mother from having any contact with him. This left Sheila seething and I mean seething. Sheila spilled her grievances to Deacon who became worried that Sheila could fall back into her old ways yet again. Deacon warned Sheila to not travel down that path. Sheila should not worry too much. Why? Steffy is leaving town for international waters. Yes, she is traveling overseas, like to run Forrester Creations from a distance from the threat of Sheila and to ensure Finn keeps distance from his mother.

This is a very interesting dynamic because it leaves several characters storylines at a standstill. What is Finn, Liam and Sheila going to do without Steffy being a central link to all these characters, especially Liam who has been prying after Steffy even though she’s very married! No idea what Liam is going to do, when you have Hope who still struggles with her emotions. She is lusting after Thomas but wants to be clear he’s just a friend with benefits. She is not looking for an emotional attachment to him. Hmm, I wonder how Liam or even worse, Brooke is going to feel about that.

Speaking of Brooke, she got a shock, both good and bad, when she learned that Eric is working with RJ to develop new designs. Yes, it was hinted at when RJ returned to town, he might have some fashion expertise in him, but Ridge couldn’t bring it out. You know who could, his grandfather, Eric. Eric confessed to RJ issues with his arthritis impacting his ability to draw, and the youngest Forrester has helped his grandfather learn new ways to design. This is starting to look like a fun dynamic duo.

I truly appreciate this storyline because John McCook is a terrific actor and the talent has been overlooked for years, and now he is front and center with a juicy storyline. Why? Eric is starting his new line against all odds and the caution of Ridge who is currently running Forrester Creations. Why is this critical? Eric is looking to make a move similar to what viewers are currently seeing on another CBS soap “The Young and the Restless”, involving Victor Newman.

Eric started FC and has allowed so many others to run his company and they have discarded him as a result. Eric is ready to take his office back and his company and it looks like Ridge might get schooled by his father in a way he never expected. A war is brewing “B&B” fans and I’m all in on this storyline. Now if we could just cook up some more tales involving Bill Spencer and Katie Logan, I would be ecstatic.