HOLLLYWOOD—It has been quite some time since Steffy Forrester rushed out of Los Angeles after learning about the situation involving Finn, Sheila and Deacon on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” As a result, she fled to Paris, and in the midst of being gone, she learned from Liam that Deacon and Sheila were engaged. Now, I will admit Steffy fleeing to protect her children from the wrath of Sheila Carter was a bit extreme, but the woman did almost kill her.

However, that all ended as we kicked off November Sweeps because Steffy returned to town and made things crystal clear to Finn that she would NOT be run out of her hometown as a result of Sheila. However, that was nothing compared to the confrontation that Steffy had with Finn by her side as she paid a visit to Sheila and Deacon. I like what is about to unfold with Steffy and Sheila going to war as a result of sins of the past.

What precisely does that mean? Steffy was the person issuing threats this time around, and she delivered it with an epic wrath as she slapped Sheila on the face and knocked her to the ground. Now, let’s be clear, it is something that has rarely happened with Sheila being slapped by someone and not slapping them back, i.e., Taylor, Lauren, Brooke, Stephanie to name a few. However, with her son Finn being married to Steffy, that would be a tough pill for her to swallow considering Finn would NOT allow his psychotic mother to harm his wife. Well, let me take that back, Sheila already shot Steffy and left her for dead. A war is brewing, and my biggest concern is there will be casualties because of this war between these ladies. My concern is that the person caught in the crossfire could be Liam Spencer.

That would be a game-changer if the “B&B” killed off a primary character. It is something they only do every 5 years or so, and let’s face it, they could trim a bit of fat from the cast people. We shall see. The other big hammer is that Ridge is now aware that Eric Forrester, the great fashion titan, is deathly ill. RJ after being conflicted for weeks spilled the truth to Brooke then Ridge. Ridge was so busy gloating about the fashion duel, that when RJ finally spilled the beans, he couldn’t believe it.

Yes, Ridge you won the duel against your father, but in the process, you discovered your father’s time on this earth is slowly coming to an end. Ridge was flabbergasted with the news. So much to the point, he lied to his father about the victor of the fashion show. Eric and Donna are under the guise that Eric triumphed and as a result he has reclaimed his office at Forrester Creations. However, Donna learned from Brooke and Ridge that they are aware about Eric’s illness.

Things are back to the way they used to be when the soap first hit the small screen back in the late 80s and early 90s. The caveat is what happens when Ridge, Brooke and the others spill the tea to the Eric that they are aware of his illness, and they hoodwinked him with the ‘thought’ he beat Ridge fair and square in that battle of all fashion battles. He might be more full of rage that pity was being placed on him because of his current situation.