HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a turn of events because I did NOT see this one coming a million miles away on “General Hospital.” I hinted that Anna and Valentin were slowly but surely drifting apart, but the nail in the coffin may have just unfolded with Anna shooting Charlotte, after spotting an intruder in her apartment. Yes, I do not understand Charlotte’s reasoning for torturing Anna besides the fact that she is under Victor Cassadine’s spell.

He has truly brainwashed his granddaughter from beyond the grave. If Charlotte was trying to get Anna out of Valentin’s life before, none of that was going to matter, this shooting though, that changes it all. Valentin is livid, Jake is trying to figure out why Charlotte broke into Anna’s place, and Dante, Elizabeth and Sam are trying to connect the dots in the process.

I will say one thing, Finola Hughes is delivering top tier acting with this storyline. Hughes has always been great with the character, and I feel like she is long overdue for that Daytime Lead Actress Emmy win that has eluded the actress for years. This could be the storyline that finally nabs the actress that prize. The shooting has placed Anna in Sonny’s path as they both commiserated about shooting a loved one. Sonny shooting Dante, Anna shooting Charlotte.

On the flip side, Nina was by Valentin’s side as his worry for Charlotte reached feverish heights. The writers are continuing to point that these two could reunite. The good news is Charlotte will survive, the bad news is that she has been exposed as the person who was targeting Anna, as Dante found evidence in her backpack. What does that mean? It means Valentin will have to explain to Anna why he kept this secret and how if he spoke his daughter would have never been shot. With that said, Esme might be returning to her old ways. She has ‘developed’ feelings for Spencer and let it be known to Alexis. She is jealous of Spencer and Trina’s burgeoning relationship.

It has gotten so bad, that Esme went to Laura and informed her that she planned to move out of her home to get her own apartment to show a bit of independence. Do I believe that? Nope. I really hope Spencer doesn’t fall for Esme’s trap, but something tells me he will have a moment of weakness or get drunk and it will be the catalyst for the mayhem that unfolds.

With that said, Michael’s move to blackmail Nina is starting to raise suspicions for Sonny and Carly, especially with the move for Nina to sell Carly her stake in the Metro Court to her nemesis. Michael, you’re doing the opposite by blackmailing Nina, you’re showing your true colors. This will once again make Willow question Michael’s motives. In addition, Sonny will be proven once again that Michael is becoming more and more like his father, AJ and Carly and Drew will question why Michael didn’t disclose the truth once he found out.

I guess the good news is that Drew is no longer in prison after a loophole was discovered by that judge that sentenced Drew. I still cannot fathom why Carly and Drew don’t realize they committed a crime and they were forced to face the music. You kill someone, you don’t just get a slap on the hand or a pass, you have to answer for your actions. Brook Lynn is hoping to find a way to get from underneath Tracy’s thumb, and Chase’s theory of her taking Deception and selling it back to Lucy, Maxie and Sasha is the best move to make.

Just like “Y&R” I’m waiting for something meaty to unfold, with Michael blackmailing Nina tell, I want to see if someone discovers Michael’s secret involving Dex and how that is used against him. It would be great to see him squirm a bit.