UNITED STATES—Hey, America we are doing way too much and the problem is so many of us have failed to acknowledge the problem. At the top of the list is work and family. I think work take the top spot. Why? Sometimes some of us just don’t know when to quit. I know I am NOT the only one, but it seems everyone I know did some big things in 2020 and 2021: they either quit a job that they called home for years or picked up a second job to help pay bills.

I for one work two jobs. Some days during the week I am stuck working both jobs and my biggest pet peeve is when one job doesn’t understand, “Hey my shift is over, I’m at my other job.” Do you know what that means? I’m no longer available. Whatever is going on with the company figure it OUT; let me have my off time to focus on my other job.

There are people in this world who think work is everything. I used to think the same thing, until I realized what good is work if you cannot share it with others. I’m not about to be working 20 hour work days. I did that for several years. It is not fun, it is exhausting and it can turn you into a nasty piece of work to others. No job is worth 20 hour workdays I’m sorry I don’t care what company it’s for. Especially, if it’s a job that you despise or hate doing! Work is to be fun and if you see yourself not having fun with work that is the biggest sign of them all.

Some employees give and give and even then it is still NOT enough. If you sense what you’re doing is not appreciate that might be a sign for you to throw in the towel and say, you know what, “You do it then.” It’s not about being nasty it’s about letting your employer know maybe you should appreciate me more because if you’re not I know there is a company out there who will and if I cannot find that company maybe I’ll go into business for myself and become my own boss.

Do NOT feel compelled to give more than what you’re already giving. Hell, I recall my job throwing it in my face that I took a vacation, after working nearly 6 months with no time off and delivering a vast amount of revenue in the middle of a pandemic that kept the company afloat. It really ticked me off. Why? 1) It wasn’t even a paid vacation. I did not get paid for the 7 days I took off, it wasn’t like I benefited on a financial scale, making matters worse I come back and I’m expected to work harder than what I’ve already been working.

What am I missing here? Does the company NOT see the loyalty I give, is my work ethic not being viewed to its full capacity. I mean it is just making me consider a career move that I’ve been idling for quite some time now and I think I might be ready to finally pull the trigger people. 2) Vacations are needed to allow the body to recuperate. No one wants to work nonstop without ever taking a break. It is the stupidest thing for companies to think people are to work endlessly without time off. An unhappy employee is a bad employee for overall productivity. If you feel like you need a break at work, take a break. Get your energy moving again and don’t allow yourself to become so overwhelmed that you don’t know how to react to a simple situation because your anger and frustration has taken over.

With family, there are going to be people that want you to do and do and do until hell, you just cannot do it anymore. I have those people in my family and I’ve decided enough is enough. Don’t call me when you’re only calling me because you want something. Call me to say hello, see how I’m doing and if you need anything. In addition, don’t rely on me to be your go to person. Hell, just because you know I might be available doesn’t mean I always want to be available. Try to open up your horizons to see if someone else can assist with the matter. I’m entitled to have some free time to myself, albeit I don’t get much of it to begin with people.

Family knows exactly what to do to push your buttons so you have to ensure you find ways to curb that antagonism because trust me they’re going to test you and the last thing you want to have happen is you explode for reasons that you’re not even supposed to explode for. This sometimes means you have to tell people NO, even if it might hurt their feelings. If you’re feeling the pressure has mounted to a point that you can do no more than what you have already done, then why are you still allowing it to happen?

The power is in your hands so don’t allow yourself to be pushed over or treated as if your time or mental health doesn’t matter anymore. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to enforce those limits. So many times in life we make people a priority over ourselves it is time to change that America.