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Benefits Of Studying College Courses Online From Home

UNITED STATES—It is easier than ever before to go back to school and earn the education that you've always wanted. There is no age...

Budgets Are Not Easy To Stick To

UNITED STATES—Budget. Yes that is a very scary word for many Americans. We do not like to hear the word budget or the thought...

Home Cooked Meal Vs. Fast Food

UNITED STATES—There are just those days that you do not feel like slaving in the kitchen. I don’t mean that literally, but I know...

Which Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Is Right for Me?

UNITED STATES—Toni: I am turning 65 in July and am an insulin dependent diabetic. I take 2 insulins which are rather expensive. I am...

Just Released, 2019 Medicare Premiums And Deductibles

UNITED STATES—Hello, Toni: I have recently enrolled in Medicare and have received my first Medicare and You handbook for 2019.  Do you have any...

Four Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

UNITED STATES—With the emerging rave about sustainable living and of renewable energy, it is not surprising that people would actually want to end up...
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