UNITED STATES—On December 13, Sheriff Curtis R. Brame indicated that Vance County Schools filed a complaint with his office concerning a juvenile who was assaulted by a law enforcement officer.

Video footage obtained by CBS 17, shows a Vance County Sheriff’s deputy who worked as a school resource officer in Henderson, North Carolina. The officer identified as Warren Durham body-slamming an 11-year old child twice against the concrete floor.

In a public statement, Sheriff Brame stated that Deputy Durham worked for the department for two years and had no prior incidents before being  “placed on paid leave while the State Bureau of Investigation looks into this.”

“When the collection of evidence is over, whether it is sometime early next week or sometime thereafter, we will promptly make a decision on what is appropriate to do in this case,” stated Vance County District Attorney Mike Waters.

“The student seen in the video was seen in the emergency room as a precaution and followed up yesterday with his primary care physician. At all times his parents have provided him with appropriate medical care. By the grace of God, he does not have any serious injuries. As I stated before he has not endured any serious bodily injuries, any broken bones, broken teeth, fractures, or any concussions at this point have been diagnosed therefore under North Carolina law the School Resource Officer in the video cannot be charged with a felony. Today investigators in the State Bureau of Investigations will seek a warrant for the arrest of Warren Durham for assault on a child under 12, misdemeanor child abuse, and willful failure to discharge duties related to his employment with the Vance County Sheriff’s Department which was terminated. We will be seeking to make sure Mr. Durham does not ever serve as a law enforcement officer again here. He has not gotten any prior convictions and therefore the most he can get is 120 days in jail,” said Waters in a statement.

Durham was arrested and posted a $10,000 bond and was given an order to appear in court on February 3, 2020.


Public Information Officer Aarika Sandlin informed Canyon News that the MOU agreement between the Vance County Sheriff’s Department and Vance County Schools signed by Sheriff Brame, Superintendent of Schools Anthony D. Jackson and School Board Chair, Dorothy W. Gooche.

Included in the documentation was a written apology and commitment to do better from the Superintendent of Schools Vance County Schools MOU (1).