STUDIO CITYA family was victimized by a front-porch thief, who stole seven packaged presents from the family’s home on December 19.

The suspect, who has been coined a Grinch, was captured by the Saftler family’s surveillance cameras stealing packages at around 3:30 p.m.

Jack and Colleen Saftler were distressed over the robbery because one of the stolen gifts was intended for their autistic son Jackson, and was nearly irreplaceable. He wanted Volume 3 of Disney’s Collection CD’s, which his parents located a copy in the UK.

The Saftler’s took the search for the suspect to Facebook, posting the surveillance video in hopes of retrieving the stolen goods.

“Colleen Saftler is not a happy mom today, as you could imagine,” Jack Saftler wrote on his Facebook account. “Help us find this grinch.”

A family friend of Saftler’s was able to locate a copy of the CD for Jackson.

“A huge thank you to my former boss and Secret Santa who works at The Walt Disney Company,” Saftler wrote. “You know who you are and you are lovely. Thank you for finding the single copy (in the USA) of the CD Jackson is waiting on for Xmas. You have made our holiday complete.”

“A second huge thank you for the kindness of strangers. For all of you that saw the news and reached out today to try and help, thank you for reminding us to have faith in people. My family is grateful for your kindness.”