HELLO AMERICA!—Millions of soap fans are overjoyed to see one of their favorites, “The Young and the Restless” has returned to its regular schedule of dramatic turns. One devoted fan of 30 years said, “I am a woman who has been forced to stay home for so many years because of a physical condition. The characters on that show are a part of my family, even the ones that do disgusting things. I care about all of them.”

Many other fans of daytime TV basically voice the same; the characters of these shows fill in the emotional gaps that keep them alive on a very important emotional level. When there is a mishap for one of the characters, it affects their fans quite seriously or if one of their favorite characters is killed off, this makes them miserable for quite a time. “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans feel the same when it comes to the characters, they have supported for years. They, too, claim that many of the emotional pain and frustration exhibited on the show easily can be identified with their own situation of survival.

Unfortunately, there are many other shows that will not return to the tube for all kinds of reasons. To deal with this reality, a few networks are returning previous shows proven to be broad winners in the last few years.  Frankly, I have enjoyed seeing some of that old interview, game, and those during the ‘80s and ‘90s. When I was last in Europe, one of the most popular shows being watched was, “I Love Lucy,” and I loved watching it again.

Many of the planned films and theater productions forced to end based on the coronavirus are considering a slow work schedule of reconstructing possible normal public consideration hopefully in early 2021. Several of my New York producers and directors informed me that even though they are not having in-theater meetings, they are quite busy on the phone five or six hours a day. They are discussing possible plays and musicals and even theaters which might serve the purpose and effect of their respective projects. Yes, it is true, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Michelle Obama gave a heavy kick-off for the Democratic National Convention; a moment millions of Americans were excited to witness. She has warmed herself in hearts of not only in our country, but those in Europe as well. When this lady throws a punch, one feels the impact no matter where you are standing or sitting. However, the former First Lady claims she has no interest in running for any office in government.

I received a call from a Dominican University California professor Wes Young who travels through Asia meetings with students who desire to continue their studies in America. He claims that the hunger that these students interviewed continue to make it clear that their big dream is to study in America.  Even though the coronavirus continues to make surprising returns around the globe, it is generally believed America is the place where survival can and will take place.