HOLLYWOOD—The penultimate episode of the HBO drama “Succession” has arrived and it was after last week’s riveting mayhem. Last week was a political bomb, and this week was all about honoring the great media mogul, Logan Roy. This week’s episode, “Church and State’ kicked off with the aftermath of that political election with Roman on cloud nine, not realizing protests and outrage is about to erupt. Roman was practicing his eulogy for his father, just as cocky and arrogant as ever.

Kendall on the flipside was worried about the violence erupting in New York. It didn’t help that his ex-wife, Rava fled the city for safety concerns for her and the kids. Shiv warned Lukas to get those numbers out and to do it immediately. Kendall flipped when he spoke to Rava about his kids not attending their grandfather’s funeral. Curse words, anger, legal action, Ken was willing to do anything to get his way as he was losing ground.

Kendall spilled to Shiv and Roman about Rava’s decision, which his sister showed compassion, but Roman did not. Yeah, this tension between the siblings is crazy. She did drop a bomb by revealing to her brothers that she is pregnant, so it is indeed true. Funny Kendall suspected the baby might have been Lukas’, but she confirmed it is Tom’s. Kendall was being dealt blow after blow after his assistant, Jessica decided it was time to call it quits. You feel for this guy who it feels like he is losing everyone around him, and he’s lashing out as a result.

He scolded her for that decision, just as the paparazzi were capturing pictures as the Roy family and friends entered the church. Hugo alerted Kendall about GoJo’s fake numbers. Roman was starting to build his numbers, just as Kendall was doing the same, in the midst of a funeral of all things. Greg peddled to the funeral, just as Mencken’s arrival caused many gasps. Damn, the coldness between Shiv and Kendall with their mother speaks volumes.

Shiv threw her hat in the CEO role for the U.S. division of this partnership with Lukas Matsson, and he was hesitant, but he did reveal he’s aware of her pregnancy. Who knew Logan’s ex-wives would all mingle in the midst of death. Logan had plenty of women in his life people. Ewan (James Cromwell), Logan’s brother decided to share some words, but they were not kind. Yeah, Ewan’s speech had so many people cringe as he delivered disparaging remarks about his brother.

It was time for Roman to deliver his eulogy and he totally butchered it, which prompted Kendall to step in and gain the limelight. It seemed all that confidence that Roman had at the beginning of the episode crumbled as he had the spotlight all on him. It was absolutely difficult to watch as Shiv and Kendall looked on in horror, just as his brother broke down to tears. It was nice to finally see some raw emotion from Roman who is so good at hiding his true feelings. It was honestly, some of the best acting I’ve seen from Kieran Culkin, we’re talking possibly Emmy worthy people.

This prompted Kendall to tackle the eulogy of his father and he delivered it like a champ. Jeremy Strong delivered another riveting performance this week. Shiv next took to the podium to share tales of her father’s fierce wrath when it came to business. Again, it was phenomenal work from the Sarah Snook, who showcased a bit of emotion in a way that her brothers did not. Somber moment of the series, just as Kendall, Roman, Shiv and Connor paid their final tribute to their father at his gravesite.

Frank and Carl were honest with Shiv about who Logan Roy truly was. In the midst of all this sorrow, Kendall was making moves with Hugo regarding the Matsson deal. Kendall was building his army, which Shiv pegged. When Mencken revealed he might ‘try’ to help that raised alarms in Kendall’s mind. Shiv was pulling an angle with Mencken that Roman, Kendall and Connor did not expect.

Very interesting conversation between Mencken, Shiv and Lukas people, just as Tom who has been absent most of the episode, showed up to the repass to chat with Shiv about their growing family. Tom you’re getting your wish rather you like it or not. A moment of clarity opened up as Tom grieved Logan’s loss and came to terms he’s been working overtime. No barbs from Shiv here people so a possible reconciliation could be in the works.

Based on that phone call from Lukas, it looks like Shiv might be in a power position going into the series finale. Kendall spilled to Roman that Shiv and Lukas might be in cahoots with Mencken and it led to Roman spiraling. Kendall dealt a hard blow to Roman about bombing the eulogy and the deal with Jeryd Mencken. Roman was not grappling well and decided to take a walk in the midst of protests and violence. He yelled and screamed at a few people that ultimately resulted in him being punched in the face. Next week the critically acclaimed drama comes to an end. The series finale is Sunday, May 28 and it will be a game changer people.