HOLLYWOOD—I thought the season seven finale of the USA series “Suits” was a major disappointment. The show has been dealing with a ton of changes since season 6. First, viewers saw the departure of Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), and then we later saw the departure of series regulars Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle). Yes, losing pivotal characters such as these can be the death of a series. However, we still have Harvey, Louis and Donna in play. The recent addition of Dule Hill to the cast is still questionable, and now we have Katherine Heigl joining the cast, as a female version of Harvey if you ask me.

The premiere episode, ‘Right-Hand Man’ saw Harvey bartering a deal with Robert Zane about renaming the firm, now that they’re partners, that caused friction with Alex who wanted to be named partner in due time. Jeez, it seems every attorney is all about making partner. It brings plenty of clout with it so it makes perfect sense.

Yes, we’re on season eight, and Heigl’s character, Samantha, as well as the return of Katrina (Amanda Schull) is indeed bringing a bit more adulthood to the firm, not to mention new opening credits. This battle to make Managing Partner is at the catalyst of the premiere episode. Everyone wants the power, and Harvey, Donna and Alex underestimated Robert’s power player, who wasn’t a guy, but a girl, and she totally kicks butt.

I’m starting to sense that the writers might be attempting to pair Katrina and Louis again, but there is friction building between the two because Katrina’s ability to fire the underperforming associates unnerved Louis. Hmm, Katrina seems like a completely different character than what I recall her being. It was such fun to watch, Samantha have that first interaction with Harvey and Alex who were hoodwinked. Harvey might be the boss, but whew plenty of people want that position and he has fierce competition to say the least.

Alex developed a plan to counter Samantha’s plan with Louis approval, too Louis faced a bit of stress when he was confronted by Brian about losing his position with the firm. Harvey couldn’t help himself and decided to put his two cents in on Alex’s case, where Harvey undermined Alex’s ability to take out Robert Zane’s #1. I love this war that is brewing between Sam and Harvey; she has an edge and she is willing to go to extreme lengths to win. Donna used her charm to woo Brian to help Katrina in her quest to weed out the good associates from the bad ones.

Harvey is lashing out right and left at the world, which might have something to do with Mike Ross wanting to step out of his mentor’s shadow. Harvey is seriously considering stepping down from the top position to actually return to his roots. There are pros to not being the top; you’re able to maneuver and do things that a typical boss can’t. Dare I say the idea is near shear brilliance! I felt for Katrina because it is no easy task to fire people, plenty will blow smoke up your you know what, but you have to seep through those things in order to showcase your leadership capabilities.

So Harvey did indeed give Robert Zane the position of Managing Partner? Well, well, I said it before, Sam is the female version of Harvey Specter America and the fact that she is able to get underneath his skin screams wonders. Alex looks like he wants to go to war with Samantha, but Louis warned him to be careful. Samantha made threats to Robert, because she also wants to be made Managing Partner. Well, unfortunately, not everyone can hold that position.

I thought the absence of Mike and Rachel would totally tank the series, but these new additions and the transition to a more mature narrative is like a rebirth for the franchise. “Suits” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.