HOLLYWOOD—I don’t want to say I saw it coming, but I saw it coming. It was obvious the moment that Tara Locke made her presence in Genoa City on “The Young and the Restless” she would be a thorn in Kyle and Summer’s relationship. Well, the chaos erupted this past week with Summer making the decision to sever ties with Kyle take that job with Marchetti overseas, not just because of the mounting pressure, but because she was threatened by Tara herself.

Yes, that innocent game that Tara had been playing for weeks to just allow Kyle to be part of Harrison’s life was all for show; she wanted Kyle Abbott back people, especially after Ashland discovered her tryst and filed for divorce. It was a treat to see Tara embrace her villainy a bit. She had no qualms about threatening to take Harrison from Kyle if Summer did not flee town and break Kyle’s heart in the process. What’s the problem? Kyle is NOT ready to just give up on Summer that easy, however, Nick and Phyllis seem ok with the thought of Summer and Kyle putting a pause on their relationship.

There is one hiccup that Tara did not expect: Phyllis. The red head knows there is more to the tale with her daughter and sense sinister forces at play: Tara specifically. If only Phyllis looked closer the culprit is standing in her presence: Sally Spectra. That is right Sally aligned with Tara for them both to get what they want.

Sally wants Summer’s job, and Tara wants Kyle. Looks like Sally is getting her way for now, but I still feel like the writers are putting Sally in that same box she was placed in on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and I’m not sure how she will get out of it. It is very frustrating as a viewer, because the actress and the character has a ton to deliver if the writers allow it to transpire. Before the week was out, Summer was long gone, Tara was playing the emotional support for Kyle and Phyllis was driven to get to the bottom of things. I will admit seeing the goodbye between Summer and Kyle was heartbreaking, but fitting considering what she did to Lola when she was married to Kyle. You reap what you sew Summer.

The Kyle, Summer, Sally and Tara triangle isn’t the only drama in town, Abby got a surprise she least expected. No America, I’m not talking about the return of Chance, but Abby’s first husband, Stitch. I mean it was great to see the character back in action. I mean one minute he was there, the next minute he was gone and if we’re being honest, Stitch and Abby were good together, except for his wicked son, who caused Abby to miscarriage the first time around.

Not sure what the writers were thinking with that storyline, but it led to the doom of Abby and Stitch, so it does make me wonder, if the writers might be planning on Chance dying and Stitch swooping in as the emotional support for Abby as she prepares to bring a child into the world. Let this linger a bit, as I’m not sure where things will go, but my interest has indeed been peaked.

As for the Adam Newman, Victor Newman, Billy Abbott, I don’t care, I don’t care I don’t care. This little rivalry or war between companies and revenge is just beyond stale at this point. Introduce a new character or a storyline audiences have not seen recycled a billion times already. Billy and Lily are working on a tale about Ashland’s illness, which I do believe he is faking, but for what purpose that has yet to be known. It seems like the writers have hit a wall with Billy and Lily and don’t know where to go now. The same can be said for Adam and Chelsea. Chelsea doesn’t trust Adam one bit and he is starting to realize all his shenanigans have cost him a life of happiness. You can have it all, but if you don’t have anyone to share it with, than what’s the purpose?

The other tale of interest involves Amanda, Naya and Sutton. Amanda knows her mother warned Sutton about Richard, and all signs seemed to point towards Sutton being Richard’s killer, but that is too easy. The audience already knows that and expected that. If it’s obvious it doesn’t deliver any surprises to the viewer. I even considered the possibility that Naya could be responsible for Richard’s death, explaining why the family is so hell bent on keeping this secret from coming out. I mean she turned herself into the police, but again, that is a bit predictable as well. I’m hoping there is something bigger in play here to knock the viewers off their socks, otherwise, this narrative that has been building for weeks, will become another massive disappointment to say the least people.