BEL AIR/ WEST HOLLYWOOD— The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has began to upgrade the Sunset West Trunk line. The motive behind the new pipeline will be to Improve the water system within the West Los Angeles area.

“Working on this trunk line requires close coordination with external partners, including LA Department of Transportation and Department of Public Works. In addition, performing construction on a major thoroughfare such as Sunset Blvd necessitates careful planning and communication with local stakeholders such as UCLA, Marymount High School, residents on Udine Way, and the Bel-Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council. Safety is our top concern and motorists should use caution when navigating around the construction zone” Senior Public Relations Specialist at Los Angeles Department Of Power and Water Deborah Hong disclosed with Canyon News.

The objective is to replace aged pipes, improve reliability, and minimize community distributions.

The Los Angeles department of water and power will replace the previous 550 foot section and install a new 36 diameter welded steel pipeline.

The pipeline will begin at Marymount High School then head down Sunset Boulevard. Due to the construction there well be lane closures along Sunset Boulevard. Reminder to share the road with motorist during the process of construction.

As the Bel Air- Beverly Crest neighborhood discussed potential concerns such as access to the driveways, the noise and dust, and water interruptions. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power addressed concerns to ensure all local residents would have access to their driveways. Dust and noise will be monitored and mitigated during construction. Lastly, no water service would be interrupted during the process of the project.

The project is tentatively slated from January to May 2021. Crew members will be working on the pipeline Monday- Friday from 7 am- 4 pm with some Saturdays required.

“Trunk lines are a critical part of our water infrastructure that delivers water between tanks and reservoirs to smaller water mains. This trunk line connects to Stone Canyon Reservoir and provides service to more than 15,000 customers in the area. Replacing this section of the trunk line will improve reliability and resiliency” said Hong to Canyon News.

For more information and community updates, the next virtual executive committee meeting will be held on November 5, 2020.