HOLLYWOOD—Last week was the first time I can recall that “Survivor” had an episode where we DID NOT go to Tribal Council and no one was voted off. Yeah, talk about a cliffhanger, because let’s be honest we all knew EXACLTY what Erika was going to do with that hourglass. I don’t like the twist because it takes the victory from those who competed and won and forces them to have to compete again. If you’re going to deliver a twist, you have to do one that is fair to all, this isn’t.

We opened the episode, ‘There’s Gonna Be Blood’ with Erika battling the rainy, stormy weather. I mean do you ever recall an episode title where it isn’t an episode defined by a quote someone said. This editing is terrible, we ALL KNOW ERIKA IS GOING TO BREAK THE HOUR GLASS, c’mon it would be the biggest flop if she didn’t people! So we get to our first immunity challenge, with Erika returning to the game, it was applause, but that was until the twist was revealed.

When Jeff Probst revealed the twist, Danny, Ricard, Sydney, Evvie and Naseer were not happy with that reveal. Erika broke the hour glass, so Tiffany, Liana, Xander, Shan, Erika and Heather are all safe now people. Yeah, it is a welcome surprise to have an Immunity Challenge within the first 15 minutes of the episode, which means more twists are headed the viewer’s way or we should expect plenty and I mean plenty of drama. So Ricard won Individual Immunity, but it seems it was a tight race with him, Evvie and Sydney.

Jeff pointed out the Shot in the Dark which means 2 people could be safe IF played and with three idols looming, we know Shan and Xander are NOT playing they are safe people and have no one in danger that are allies. The fireworks are beginning people because Danny was upset about the outcome, DeShawn did not want to hear it, while plans were in play to target Evvie. Liana was not happy to hear that Evvie could be in danger so she chatted with Shan and it was apparent that conflict was rattling.

Twenty minutes into the episode and the level of strategy is chaotic, with Xander willing to use his idol on Evvie, and Tiffany was aware. That is crazy because Liana could steal his power, and that trio wants DeShawn out of the game. So Evvie, Tiffany and Xander were plotting against Liana. Xander did not want to hide from Danny that he plans to save Evvie, and he shared Liana’s power. Danny spilled to Liana that Tiffany spilled the tea about her advantage and she went into overload about trying to figure out PRECISELY the wording of her advantage and how it needs to be played and rather Xander GIVES the idol to Evvie or if he keeps it.

DeShawn was literally scrambling, and Sydney started to scramble also. That was information you should have kept to yourself Sydney and not given to Xander to use as leverage. The drama people the drama it is indeed intense and 20 minutes is still left in the game. Xander revealed his idol, and Deshawn thru Evvie under the bus noting she revealed Xander’s idol to him. DAMN, Evvie it looks like you got caught and she was flustered to the core. Liana pulled out her surprise and read it and called out Xander.

We got a flashback scene that showed Xander giving his advantages to Tiffany, and he pulled out a fake idol. So the scrambling started to go all over the place, with people getting up and chatting. It was indeed glorious TV to see Liana speechless that her advantage didn’t work and to be honest people this is a bad advantage if anyone knows about it. I am so sick and tired of people getting up and talking. Sydney, DeShawn, who is it going to be, and they need to stop, so it was apparent it was 4 against 8. Sydney, Tiffany, Evvie and Xander against everyone else!

At this point can we please just vote; they need to stop the getting up and moving, it is just plan irritating at this point America. Now that I think of it, they shouldn’t have allowed half of the tribe to be immune. It should have been ONLY Erika and the person who won immunity, everyone is up for grabs. Sydney decided to play her Shot in the Dark, it was revealed that she was NOT SAFE and lost her vote people. Tiffany was about to play her idol, and Xander noted NOT to play the idol. Not smart Xander because you just exposed Xander and it’s apparent that people will see you as a duo.

So Evvie, Sydney, DeShawn were all in danger. So it came down to Evvie and Sydney, but it was ultimately Sydney who was sent packing. If Sydney would have kept her vote, it would have been a tie and I think Evvie would have been sent packing.

So what is the largest takeaway from this episode, Tiffany, Xander and Evvie are on the bottom and it’s going to be a hard climb for them to make it to the end of the game. The bad thing is none of the three are all that likable in my opinion. It’s hard to root for them, we know that Sydney is NOT on the jury, which makes me wonder how many people will comprise of the jury. Are we looking at a final two, final three, so many questions so little answers, until next week “Survivor” fanatics!