HOLLYWOOD—What is it with the Taku tribe which appears to be so unified on “Survivor 42.” This week’s episode, ‘Go For the Gusto’ saw Maryanne either becoming a power player or immediate threat. She revealed to Lindsay, Omar and Jonathan that she had an extra vote, but she revealed that she found the three-way immunity idol, and now her ENTIRE tribe knows that she can’t vote until the merge, unless all three idols are found and activated.

Over at Vati, Daniel started to push Mike asking to read the specific instructions and he learned voting Mike out doesn’t destroy the power of the idol. Yeah, this tension between Mike and Daniel is absolutely boiling over and they will indeed begin to target one another. It was apparent Mike was annoyed with Daniel, but viewers also discovered he shared news about his idol with Jenny his #1 ally. Maryanne recited her phrase at the next Immunity Challenge, and Mike picked up on that so he knows Maryanne found 1 of the 3, but we’re still waiting for someone on Ika to find that idol.

Mike has a great idea, NOT saying anything and going into the merge with no one knowing that he has that idol. This actually looks like a good episode, since we’re starting the IC within the first 10 minutes of the episode people. Jonathan just proves how much of a beast he is, as he was literally carrying the ladder and his tribe mates, while Ika and Vati was struggling and struggling badly people. The waves in this water were just crazy. Did the producers of the series consider NOT doing this challenge consider the waves in the water people.

It was no surprise that Taku won the challenge; Jonathan just proved how much of a physical threat he is people. If Jonathan makes it to the merge, which I suspect he will, he will be a major target for everyone not aligned with him in the game. This is just absolutely painful to watch. The producers should have immediately stopped this challenge. You’re putting the lives of these contestants at risk people.

Both Vati and Ika were given a life vest with Jeff retrieving the keys after realizing the waves would not get better, uh, you think?! So Hai and Rocksroy were tossing sandbags with Rocksroy winning. Taku decided to send Omar and Chanelle to take a journey. Hmm, interesting decision, with Vati heading to Tribal Council and it is going to be a battle people. Chanelle was ready to build a relationship with a member from another tribe, but her tribe will be scheming on who to vote out, and she will NOT be in the mix of things people.

Jenny and Mike wanted to vote out Lydia, while Hai, Lydia and Daniel wanted to vote out Jenny. Daniel spilled the tea to Jenny, so Chanelle is going to be a game changer this week. So this is a risk or lose vote something Chanelle does NOT need, so it was obvious that Omar would risk his vote and surprise Chanelle did the same thing people. SO SHE DOESN’T HAVE A VOTE PEOPLE! We’re looking at 2-2 split on Vati. Lydia knows she is on the chopping block, but Daniel is good at getting people to think he is with them. Chanelle let Daniel know she might not have a vote, but Hai picked up on Chanelle’s energy and this is absolutely going to set the stage for a crazy Tribal Council and it kicked off with 20 minutes remaining people.

Chanelle you might think you’re a mastermind, but I sense, you’re about to be blindsided, but NOT in a good way. Hai knows she cannot be trusted people. Daniel WTH are you doing, you are sending alarm bells off for Hai who absolutely senses something is off people and he spotted Chanelle and Daniel whispering. Jeff read the votes and it was a split as I noted 2 for Lydia and 2 for Jenny. This is crazy because ONLY Hai and Daniel can vote people! It is going to be another split vote. So are rocks could be drawn people.

Hai was confused about the votes missing, um Hai, Mike and Chanelle have no vote, which meant Chanelle and Mike had to reveal they don’t have votes. So Hai and Daniel have to come to a conclusion or rocks will be drawn for those two people, otherwise Hai, Daniel, Chanelle and Mike would have to draw rocks. It was apparent that Hai was absolutely annoyed with his tribe and then Daniel threw Chanelle under the bus and she was NOT happy at all. Mike became the voice of reason. Hai made it clear that he is loyal to Lydia and was NOT planning to change his vote. Hai would not go to rocks to maintain his numbers. Wow, wow, people, Daniel totally snaked Chanelle in the worst way possible and Daniel voted out Jenny. You better believe Chanelle and Mike will be gunning for Daniel if Vati goes back to TC. It did suck that Chanelle and Mike got exposed for NOT having votes by Jeff. We’re only 3 episodes in and “Survivor 42” is clicking on all cylinders people. Until next Wednesday “Survivor 42” fanatics!