HOLLYWOOD—Ok, this is fun people we’re seeing the aftermath of the chaos of the vote of Coco, with “Survivor 43.” This week’s episode, ‘Stop With all the Niceness’ saw Cassidy come to the party to play. She wanted to get to the bottom of who voted against her and of course it was obvious it was Geo. Cassidy wanted blood, and it was apparent that Cassidy and Karla wanted to target Geo or Ryan, and they have no idea. This dynamic is becoming quite interesting people. That friction at Coco is building, back at Baka, Elie and Jeanine spotted a tree that was home to the Beware Advantage, which was covered in ants.

Jeanine shared with Elie that she found the advantage, these girls are stupid. If you open the advantage you have to do what it says. Elie you are a bit too confident. Ugh, the bead challenge once again, and the ladies had no idea that Owen caught them red-handed, yeah, not a smart play people. He picked up on it right away and they had to share with him the bead challenge and she has no vote without all those beads. Owen those two women will toss you under the bus quicker than you can count to three.

So Elie shared to Sami that she found the Beware Advantage idol people. Yeah, this is not smart, Elie and Jeanine are talking too much and it is spreading like a wildfire people. Gabler only gave Jeanine 2 green bracelets, but he is holding onto that bead for his daughter. Wow, this is funny people. I don’t want to see this bead challenge again people; it is so silly and stupid. Sami shared with Gabler that Jeanine has an Immunity Idol, so Gabler is NOT in the dark about what is going on in the game people.

Well we are getting to the Immunity Challenge fairly early in the episode, but it also comes with a few supplies for the shelter as Vesi, Coco and Baka did battle for safety people. Let’s be honest, I really want to see Baka go to Tribal Council to see some fireworks people. Vesi is really working in unison people. Vesi was the first to win immunity, soon followed by Baka as Ryan was a bit too confident and knocked all 3 balls off and will Karla make the move to take out Ryan or Geo people?

Per usual it’s time for the journey which means Geo, Jeanine and Jesse were about to play a game or risk people. Wow, Ryan threw the challenge, and something is telling me this could be Ryan’s fatal flaw in the game. Ryan is a bit too confident people. James informed Cassidy that Ryan wants to target her, and James and Cassidy wanted to go after Ryan. So either Ryan is a good actor he’s a bad actor because Cassidy was not really buying what was being sold people. Wait, we still have 30 minutes left in this episode, something big has to be happening, even the newest floating board, where they have to row themselves to the island and these waves were wicked people, yet Geo, Jesse and Jeannine were barely talking. Geo noted he felt like he was at the bottom and he was smart to do that so he could earn a potential advantage people.

Jeannine is willing to be greedy and that greed might hurt her in the long run. Wow, all three of them risked, and only 1 will get an advantage. That was a ballsy move by all of them. Jesse came back to camp and revealed that he took a risk and he lost his vote at the next TC. Jeannine returned to camp and discovered that she lost her vote also at the next TC, which mean Geo has an advantage so this could be a very exciting TC. Jeannine NOT smart to share you have no vote considering your tribe is so dysfunctional people.

Back at Coco, Geo obtained the Knowledge is Power Advantage which is HUGE! However, why the hell would he share that with Karla of all people, which means she might want to take out Geo because he could steal her advantage! Cassidy was frustrated, which means she should align with Geo and Ryan people because she could blindside James or Karla people.

Ryan really you’re still pushing this narrative at Tribal Council and it annoyed the hell out of Cassidy who called it out, and Geo seemed a bit overconfident in the process, and Karla stoked the fire of the possibility of literally taking Ryan out. Geo was a bit concerned as he started to have his antennas go up, and the fact that Karla was stoic in that moment would have been a MASSIVE FLAG for me. It has to be Geo or Ryan here people, if it’s Cassidy, I might be stunned.

Yeah, it is Geo who is out people, and Ryan and Geo was blindsided. Karla was right to take out Geo, but I also wonder if she could have utilized his advantage later in the game because she might need it. So Ryan is odd man out people, which is interesting because the merge is upon us. Four members on Coco, four members from Vesi and five members on Baka, let the fireworks start people because I also think Jesse and Jeanine have no votes people, and Noelle has a steal a vote, and we have 3 people with idols. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!