HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of season 45 of “Survivor.” Last week would have bene a great episode, if Austin or Dee got the boot, but nope, Austin spoiled that with the spill to Dee who warned Julie who played her idol and didn’t make an optimal move in my opinion. So, we see Emily bounced from the game. This week’s episode, ‘The Ex-Girlfriend at the Wedding’ saw our final six and chaos between Drew and Julie after Tribal Council, and this ‘acting’ between Julie and Dee was not anything exceptional.

Dee is not a good liar, these people are just idiots. I would have witnessed her BS no matter what. Katurah realized that an idol could be back into play and she started to search. Smart move, but just then Austin and Dee realized she was missing and they started to look for her. Austin busted her red-handed, she was trying to act innocent, but it was too obvious.

At the final six, I would not give a damn if other people knew I was searching for an idol, I would be doing what I can to ensure safety. Drew is full of BS with that tale he tried to sell to Julie. Neither of them trusts one another and we have a Julie versus Drew war, what a surprise. Reward Challenge seems like fun for a pickup with plenty of food and taken to a secluded spot by helicopter. A slide puzzle would drive me nuts!

Anyone could win this people, but it was ultimately Austin who won the Challenge. The question is who is he taking on this reward. I figure the obvious Dee choice, but him selecting Katurah as the third that was a surprise. Is he forcing Drew and Julie to try to mend fences, not realizing it’s about to be more chaos for the Reba 4? If Drew and Jake don’t search for an idol they are complete idiots.

Drew was livid at Austin, and it gave Jake and Julie the opportunity to go search for an idol. Katurah pegged she was a third wheel for Austin and Dee who were touchy feely. Ok, this is boring. Wow, we’re getting this backstory about Austin and it makes a lot more sense as to why he behaves the way he behaves. Jake was thinking his opportunity to win the game was to make a flashy move. So Jake went hunting for that idol again and he was focused on keeping his idol a secret and HE FOUND A CLUE to the hidden immunity idol. So the idol is at camp. Jake found the Hidden Immunity Idol inside a raft.

I like this Immunity Challenge because it doesn’t look easy. You’re not using your hand to balance the ball; you’re using your foot. Which means that makes the challenge that much harder. Julie and Jake were the first two to drop. I swear if Jeff Probst didn’t talk so much it would be easier for people to focus. Drew was really fighting to stay in this challenge, but he lost, and it was apparent that Austin is going to throw to ensure Dee was safe because he has an idol he can use.

This episode has been so anticlimactic because nothing exciting is happening. This has been the case for the past few episodes. Ok, where is the strategy? Austin and Drew wanted to target Julie, but Jake didn’t want to make that move he wanted to go after Drew. Julie has wanted Drew for some time, and guess who else wanted that move, Dee did. Oh, what a surprise. Katurah wanted to spill to Dee, but Jake was worried about someone taking credit for a move that he wants to be his. Katurah spilled that information anyway.

Wait, what if all this blows back and it ends up Julie being voted out? That would be the twist of things, but Drew’s ego is becoming a bit too big people, and it is a sign in the editing that is becoming more and more obvious with “Survivor.” Dee you might want to repay the favor to Austin about Drew considering he told you about Julie. I didn’t expect much from this Tribal Council, but we did start it fairly early so that makes me question if something big might transpire. Jeff is trying his best to make this TC interesting, but it is obvious there is no suspense whatsoever.

Austin is such a bozo, he played that idol on himself, when he could have played it on Drew and saved his ally. Guess what, Austin, you look dumb to the jury and Dee just blindsided you and lied to your face. Austin knows that Dee hoodwinked him. Drew that arrogance finally caught up with him and he was not pleased at all. Hate to say it, I’m glad “Survivor 45” is coming to the end, the spark never ignited after the merge so I have an idea who the winner will be, but I won’t spoil that. Until next week “Survivor” die-hards!