HOLLYWOOD—President Hunter Franklin is on a tirade on “The Oval.” This week’s episode ‘Better Than Revenge’ witnessed Kareem face another near-death experience after a bullet was fired next to his head. He was hesitant to spill his cousin’s name, but ultimately gave up Antonio Hill who he couldn’t reach by phone. That prompted Hunter to toss Kareem in the bunker until later.

Agents were investigating the shots, just as Priscilla and Richard discussed the happenings inside The Oval.

I’m over this Richard and Nancy battle. He cheated on you Richard with your father, yes, it is bad, but either you forgive her or divorce her. Kyle interrupted Allan and Dale who were chatting about that secret package. Kyle didn’t like what was transpiring. It was fun to see Kyle wiggle a bit. At first, I thought Allan was about to say he was in a relationship with Dale to diffuse the situation.

Bobby and Max were made aware of the chaos about Hunter’s recent activities. Eli had a conversation with Simone about their predicament. Both are playing one another, and neither are willing to drop the truth. Hunter sparred with Victoria about his drug overdose, and he has his pulse on the money. Your wife was the one that tried to kill you, Hunter. Victoria, Hunter is his own man, and he will do as he pleases no matter what unfolds.

Simone and Priscilla chatted about Victoria and how they can align to take out the First Lady. Now, I never expected these two ladies to come together, but this is a power duo, and Victoria better watch her back. Victoria was spiraling with the happenings in The White House, and begged Donald to come back who indicated he was fired by Eli. Victoria promised to fix the situation, which is an annoyance on its own.

Simone asked Bobby if he was attracted to her as she began to flirt. Bobby, you can resist when you want, if it’s Lilly, but Simone is not an option, but Priscilla who is married is? Explain that. Max came face-to-face with Sam’s captor, and he unleashed a bit of frustration and pain that was fun to watch as he tried to get answers about Jason’s whereabouts.

Donald, Donald, I need this guy to face a downfall so badly. He decided to whack his captor, which happened to be that cop with a golf club to teach him a lesson. Where is Lilly in all of this? All the shenanigans this episode leads up to the big climatic moment of Victoria receiving a call from Jason, of all people.

She tried to deflect, but Jason made it clear he was going to spill it all and she was going down. Victoria was scared and that is something we rarely see. As a viewer, I love to see Victoria on edge. Cannot wait until next week “The Oval” fanatics!