WEST HOLLYWOOD—Two suspects were arrested in connection with an attack on three transgender women that happened on Monday, August 17 in Hollywood. The third suspect is at large and the LAPD police are calling the incident a “hate crime.”

According to the LAPD, the attack happened near the 6500 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard Monday at around 2:15 a.m. The victims said they were robbed when waiting for the Uber and then a series of attacks followed.

Videos recording the attacks taken by the suspects went viral on social media, and also showed that several bystanders watching, laughing and mocking victims when they were pleading for help.

The suspects robbed the victims, attacked them and asked one of them to take off shoes and bracelet by holding a crowbar and threatening to kill her.

Carlton Callway, 29, was arrested on Thursday in Bakersfield for assault with a deadly weapon and a hate crime enhancement. He is still in custody with a bail set on $175,000 and the court date was scheduled on August 24.

Prior to the assault, Callway was arrested on August 6 by LAPD due to the misdemeanor and was scheduled to appear in court on November 10.

Willie Walker, 42, was arrested on Wednesday in Los Angeles for extortion and released on the same day on $0 bail. His court date was set on December 16.

The detectives are still looking for the 22-year-old suspect Davion Williams who is on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was involved in assaulting police during a street racing incident in 2018.

It was seen in the video that a police SUV approached with sirens blaring and later drove past the scene. Authorities said it was responding to an unrelated emergency, adding that the department, however, will continue to investigate more details.

“We will not tolerate acts like this in Hollywood against ANY of our community members. Hollywood will remain a special place, where ALL are welcome,” said LAPD Hollywood Division.

“We hope that the system will do what’s right so this never happens ever again. We hope that our story changes the way the world sees Transgender women. We hope that our story saves lives. We hope that our story will unite us all,” said Eden Estrada, one of the victims.