HOLLYWOOD—So where do we begin with the drama that is slowly erupting on the ABC soap, “General Hospital.” For starters, we have to address the issue involving Pikeman as it is becoming more and more fascinating each day. Sonny initiated his trap to expose Austin, Betty and Mason’s boss by planting fake evidence related to Pikeman, which Betty ate up, not realizing she fell right into Sonny’s trap.

The key is figuring out who is the big bad that is pulling the strings to get information on Sonny. Now I suspected the boss was a woman, and I still believe that because I recall Mason noting a woman as the big bad, but with the suspicions that are swirling around Valentin, I don’t know. Anna is dealing with some hectic things with someone setting her home ablaze. Dante has been investigating and suspects Valentin is keeping secrets, which he has.

Yes, Valentin’s tales are not lining up on the day and the time that Anna’s house was torched. Making matters worse is that Martin unexpectedly stopped by the Metro Court to drop off documents to Valentin. Valentin swore him to secrecy and Martin noted this could have waited till morning, which Anna overheard. Yes, Anna is starting to suspect her lover is keeping secrets from her yet again, and these secrets are huge. What am I thinking? Valentin is tied to the big bad? How he is tied to that individual? I don’t know, but Valentin being the villain is too obvious, so something bigger is happening.

Dex and Sonny’s tailing of Austin, Mason and Betty has raised flags for Michael, who wants in on the information, but Dex has severed that tie. Yes, it seems Dex is more loyal to Sonny than he is to Michael. I really hope the writers have not forgotten about Michael and Dex’s plan to take down Sonny using Pikeman. My gut is telling me someone unexpected is going to learn about Dex’s betrayal and that will be used as leverage to expose him. In other Port Charles news, Cody is determined to expose Gladys for her role in Sasha’s downward spiral.

Why? He knows something is off with Sasha’s behavior and if people just looked closer, they would see Gladys is hiding something. Why would you restrict visitors to see Sasha? Um, hello, you’re afraid the truth will be exposed. Mandy, the nurse who suspects Sasha’s diagnosis with her blood tests are not aligning, that raised a flag for Dr. Montague, WHO IS drugging Sasha causing her spiral. When Dr. Montague got news that Mandy was ordering blood tests, he ordered her off Sasha’s case and Sam overheard Sasha begin to spiral yet again.

So it is obvious at this point that Cody and Sam have the same notion that Gladys is up to no good when it comes to Sasha and are starting to connect the dots. I cannot wait till this woman is nailed to the cross, and I totally forgot the truth about Mac being Cody’s father is yet to be divulged. At last, Gregory spilled to Finn that he is battling ALS, after that fall he had while watching Violet. Finn was angry that his father kept the news from him, but they embraced in a tender moment as a united front as the news was broken to Chase.

Yeah, Chase was a bit upset with Gregory’s questions about his relationship with Brook Lynn, but if anything this is about to strengthen their bond. The only hiccup could be Brook Lynn’s role in the deception trading of secrets. I wonder how Tracy will respond to learning about Gregory’s ALS battle. It feels like the writers were pushing these two to become a possible item, but I see Tracy more as a confidant for Gregory during this brave battle.

Esme and Spencer are continuing to bond as they raise Ace, which is something Ava witnessed from afar. Trina and Portia are still supporting Curtis who is in working on his physical therapy as he attempts to recover. Selina Wu just continues to be a thorn in Curtis’ side as she wanted to offer him money to sell The Savoy, but Marshall made it clear it would be over his dead body. Looks like Curtis’ little secret involving Selena using his club for gambling is about to be exposed in the coming weeks.

Molly and TJ’s search for a surrogate has intensified as a potential candidate was discovered, but Kristina was the last to learn about it. Yes, the war of words between Kristina and Molly is indeed heating up. Kristina wanted to be a surrogate for her sister, but Molly has refused to do so with concerns about Kristina’s flippant behavior. Yeah, these two sisters are more estranged now than ever before. Speaking of TJ, he seems to know Mason from somewhere, and this has me intrigued to the core, just as Austin was forced to pay Cyrus a visit at while in jail. Oh Cyrus has some major intel on Austin and this week we learn Austin knows Cyrus from his childhood. It looks like Cyrus is the big bad people!