BEL AIR— Alleged reports from residents in a Bel Air neighborhood over noise disturbances and broken objects, brings the attention to Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) concerning the TikTok famous “SwayLA” house on June 8.

The Sway party house was founded on Jan. 4 when Josh Richards, 18, Bryce Hall, 20, Jaden Hossler, 19 Anthony Reeves, 18, Griffin Johnson, 21, Kio Cyr, 19, and Nick Bean, 25, moved into the $10 million home.

SwayLa crew in front of the Sway house.

The house is rented out through a contract with TalentX company in return for the boys to make famous videos on TikTok, the trending short music video app.

The SwayLA group has been in the news most recently for the arrest of two members, Hall and Hossler who were charged for drugs during a Texas getaway on May 25.

Residents have reported hearing large parties going on throughout the night. One neighbor Mindy Acevedo, a UCLA Law student, told the New York Times about the disturbances:

“In the morning we hear paintball guns. I don’t think they sleep. There’s a pool outside. Whenever they’re hanging out by the pool, the sound just carries. We can hear them shouting ‘chug, chug, chug.’ I’ve heard someone throwing up at night outside.”

TikTok’s posted to their page show the boys piling air mattresses onto skateboards to ride, hitting each other with paintballs to make obscene drawings by the pool and playing loud music.

The CEO for TalentX, Warren Lentz, said he had no knowledge of noise complaints in a statement, “To our knowledge there have been no formal noise complaints.”

Lentz said his team at TalentX keep in contact with LAPD to ensure the safety of the neighborhood and have also hired security for the house.