SANTA MONICAOn Tuesday, August 18, Sweetgreen will be opening its second Los Angeles location in Santa Monica.

Based in Washington, D.C. Sweetgreen is a health food restaurant chain that made its debut back in 2007 by co-founders Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru. In order to make this new chain successful, the company was invested in by AOL co-founder Steve Case.

Sweetgreen is a farm-to-salad-bowl type of restaurant that strives to promote healthy eating, and uses only locally-sourced and organic ingredients. Their most popular products include bowls filled with organic nuts, sprouts, grains, and vegetables–all of which are locally grown or produced.  They offer several pre-selected, signature combinations such as the “Earth Bowl” or the “Hollywood Bowl,” or a build-your-own option.

Sweetgreen's Los Angeles menu features several signature bowls, such as the "Hollywood Bowl."
Sweetgreen’s Los Angeles menu features several signature bowls, such as the “Hollywood Bowl.”

The first Los Angeles location premiered back on May 21. The W 3rd Street location currently boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Yelp. Sweetgreen was only available on the east coast, with multiple locations in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennslyvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The company promotes five main core values: “win win win, think sustainability, keep it real, add the sweet touch and make an impact”. In order to ensure the quality and source of their products, the new locations will include a walk-in cooler, making it possible for all customers to be able to see the local produce for themselves. The restaurant will also feature an open kitchen so that the customers can see exactly how they are making their salads. All salads, bowls and wraps are created in-house.

The interior of a Sweetgreen location in Boston, MA.

Due to their goal of keeping everything natural, they have a plan to make sure to keep all the natural fixtures of the building. Some key goals of the restaurant are to decrease time spent waiting in line and for customers to access their menu with ease.  Sweetgreen has developed an ordering app, to make the speed of checkout faster and more reliable.

With this second west coast debut, the company will also be giving back to the community. Sweetgreen will be donating all proceeds they make on debut day to the Garden School Foundation. The organization strives to promote healthier living and provide an “interdisciplinary program of education through garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms” for children.

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