HOLLYWOOD—You always know when a TV series has been gone way too long. How so? You completely forget the series is about to return and you don’t remember where things left off. That is where I was with the AMC hit, “The Walking Dead” which is currently in its last season after 11 seasons. Currently, we are in Part 2 of 3, which for those of you who cannot remember involved Leah and the Reapers getting ready to unleash an epic attack on Maggie, Daryl, Elijah and the others as they continued their pursuit to locate food for Alexandrians.

The premiere episode, ‘No Other Way’ picked up where that cliffhanger left off with Maggie navigating her way thru the mayhem dispatching of a Reaper along the way. Maggie was able to connect with Negan and Elijah, who was suffering an injury to his leg. Maggie refused to leave Daryl and Gabriel, who were expendable in Negan’s eyes people. Jeez, I forgot about the horde of walkers that invaded Alexandria and the danger lurking for Judith and Gracie who were hiding out in the basement.

Rosita and Lydia were fighting off the walkers furiously as it became clear that Judith and Gracie were in major danger, just as the water in basement was getting higher. The walkers managed to breach the basement door, just as Aaron, Magna, Kelly, Connie and Carol worked together to dismantle the flames and Gracie’s signal had Aaron running to her aide.

Daryl managed to take out a Reaper who got a nifty cut during their battle. I think Leah is coming to the realization she made a mistake allowing Daryl to become a member of her group. Gracie would have been a goner if not for Judith. Aaron managed to get to the basement window, distracting the walkers as he made his entry and viciously fought off the walkers in the process. One of those battles transpired underwater and it was a visual masterpiece to watch people. Things were not looking good for Aaron people, just as Father Gabriel came face-to-face with a Reaper who also believed a higher power.

The editing this episode is beyond strong people, because we’re jumping from one intense scene to another intense scene. Maggie, Elijah and Negan cornered Carver who placed a beating on all three of them even thought he was outnumbered people. Yeah, this guy is a force to be reckoned with, just as Elijah saw his leg broken and Maggie was about to meet her end, but it was Negan who came to her rescue people, oh, the irony. Maggie was about to finish Carver off, but Daryl intervened to prevent further bloodbath.

Maggie was not pleased, but wait for it people because Maggie got her revenge and it was done in epic fashion to say the least. Aaron used the pipes to get himself out of a very dicey situation, but the pipe broke as the walkers clamored to get their hands on him. Lydia realized the danger that Aaron was in and utilized a rope to help him escape certain death. Daryl, Maggie, Negan and Elijah bartered Carver in an attempt to reach a ceasefire.

Leah was NOT happy with Daryl’s proposal, but she refused and fired the first shot. Elijah was not happy and went after Carver, but Gabriel fired a shot neutralizing Carver, just as Leah realized she was no longer in control. Maggie was NOT pleased with Leah’s move and it was time for blood to be shed people. Leah wanted Carver, but Maggie was NOT in agreement with Carver going free. Elijah was not doing well, and it prompted Maggie to react, killing two Reapers and injuring Leah in the process.

Daryl was not happy people, but damn Maggie just proved to be a beast. There was only one person remaining, and she took out Carver in blood fashion as revenge for Elijah and his sister Josephine. Well the Reapers and our heroes were already at war, so it is better to take out the threat now than later people. Daryl tried speaking to an injured Leah who was hiding out. Yeah, he has become a bit soft as he allowed Leah to live, even though Maggie wanted her dead.

The one bright spot in all of this is the gang managed to harvest enough food that would help all of Alexandria sustain. Maggie stumbled across a dire scene where she found Alden, who had become a walker. It brought Maggie to tears who was forced to take out her ally and friend. Maggie gave Alden a proper burial, just as Negan proved that him and Maggie are more alike. I know this battle between these two is going to culminate at some point. Maggie was ready to strike, but Negan decided it was best to venture on his own before Maggie could take him out. Daryl, Maggie, Elijah and Gabriel reunited with the others back in Alexandria with food in tow. Daryl was ecstatic to see Connie who he presumed had died.

News about Alden’s demise soon spread throughout town, just as Eugene returned to Alexandria with the Commonwealth in tow. Eugene shared news about the new community that rescued him, Yumiko, Princess and Ezekiel and the group met with Lance. However, something tells me the Commonwealth is about to be the big bad for the rest of this final season. Should they trust the Commonwealth? Hmm, considering what I’ve already seen I’m not so sure.

What have we discovered? We have a fast-forward 6 months later, where Maggie remained in Alexandria, but Daryl decided to take the Commonwealth up on its offer. As noted, the Commonwealth is a threat, but what is their endgame people that is the question to ask? Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!