HOLLYWOOD—There is good TV and then there is great TV America, and one of the best is the OWN series “Queen Sugar.” This show really tackles real-life issues and family drama in a way that you cannot ignore what you witness.  I will admit I was glad OWN was doing a re-run of previous episodes because it has been such a long time since the last season ended I couldn’t fully remember what transpired.

Gosh, it’s been five seasons already, it doesn’t even seem like it, but here we are, and it was a tizzy as Charley was doing battle with her nemesis, Parker, who happens to be a Bordeaux people, and I think a blood relative of hers courtesy of Aunt Vi. Yes, the audience still has not received that confirmation, but all signs point to Violet being Parker’s mother and Sam’s secret lover at a time when it was not appropriate.

The season premiere episode, ‘Late-February 2020’ saw Ralph-Angel and Darla living in romance bliss after reuniting, and discovering that truth that Ralph-Angel was not Blue’s biological son. Violet and Hollywood continue to prove they are an example of Black love in every right. The family was present to witness rather Frances Boudreaux for the arson on that farm as Parker watched from the back room. Frances received 7 years in prison and it seems like the battle was just beginning America between these two powerful ladies.

Nova found herself in a dicey situation as Calvin was placed i the hot seat about rather he supports the cause that is all about Black Lives Matter and Nova’s business Tru Papers, and independent newspaper focused on the truth. Now how unique is that America.

Nova called an emergency City Council meeting to help the citizens of St. Joseph keep their property from the government who wants to place a highway thru the town. The rage and the fervor by the citizens was palpable to say the least America. Charley and Nova got an ace against Parker in their quest to delay the eminent domain of the freeway project. The tension between these ladies is thick people and I cannot wait till that bomb is dropped that they are actually related people. Cue the fireworks because it’s going to be fun to witness it. When Charley delivers a blow, Parker comes right back with another blow.

Nova and Calvin were dancing around the issue of introducing one another to each’s other’s families. As we already know, Calvin has met Nova’s family. She has never met his family. I kind of knew that Micah was pledging to a fraternity with all those demands being made of him, let’s hope it doesn’t get him in any trouble. The Bordelon family celebrated the rich history of St. Joseph and the woman who the town is coined after.

The celebration was soon halted when Charley and Nova learned that Parker is part of the Beckingham Group and announced that the highway would run through the cemetery which ruffled tons and I mean tons of feathers people. Charley was angry people; livid is a better way of saying it. When Aunt Violet attempted to comfort her niece, it became clear Charley was ready to fight to win for the people she represents.

The episode ended on an amazing high note: Ralph-Angel proposed to Darla again, this time I’m hoping they actually make that trip down the aisle without any hurdles. I am excited to see this series back and its relevance to the real world. New episodes air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on OWN.