HOLLYWOOD—I totted last week’s episode of “Queen Sugar” one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen in the past year chronicling the chaos of the pandemic to almost near perfection. This week’s episode, ‘Early-May 2020’ continued to see the mayhem the pandemic has unleashed in addition to a reckoning moment in our country. Darla was really showcasing her sewing talent which looks like she might be able to start her own business people.

Calvin threw Nova for a loop when he announced that his college daughter will need to quarantine with them. Nova had trepidations about Calvin’s daughter living with them, but she was willing to allow Courtney to live with them and for her lover to bond again with his offspring. Charley and Micah chatted about their past life and where things currently stand as a result of the pandemic. Hollywood was dealt a blow when he learned he would not be able to see his mother, who is desperately ill.

Violet became concerned about Prosper’s isolation, but he was concerned about potentially contracting the virus, but Vi’s invitation brightened his mood. Micah was intrigued to learn about his mother’s struggle raising him while she was in college. Ralph Angel met a patient inside the nursing facility that he developed a bond with, just as he tried to ease Darla’s worries; to say she was a bit overstressed being quarantined at home was an understatement.

Bit of friction erupted with Charley and Micah when she picked up his cellphone and was concerned about her son making bad choices in the middle of a pandemic. Charley was angry, but it was apparent Micah was just as livid with his mother. You don’t throw daggers, like “You’re your father’s son.” That cuts deep people. It is amazing seeing the bond develop so fast between Courtney and Nova; it makes one wonder when the other coin will drop.

Hollywood was dealt a blow when his mother died as a result of COVID-19. Ralph Angel’s new pal shared a bit of knowledge with the youngster about life and his frustration of not being able to see his wife as a result of COVID-19 spreading. Charley admitted she was having trouble seeing Micah grow up; yes your little boy is no longer a little boy he is becoming a young man. Nova is sometimes her worst enemy getting inside her head and worried about how others perceive her relationship with Calvin and the drama they will face once the quarantine comes to an end.

Ralph Angel did a good deed, allowing a couple who had been separated as a result of the pandemic get the opportunity to speak and see each other, even if they were separated by a window and a piece of glass. Better to be safe than sorry people. Worried about the chaos surrounding them, Ralph Angel wanted to marry Darla NOW instead of later and she was happy to oblige. Until next week “Queen Sugar” lovers when a marriage a long-time in the waiting transpires.