Tag: closet

The Clutter Cleanup

UNITED STATES—You all know that I have had an ongoing mission to declutter my life, particularly my closet. I get rid of things, only...

Clothing Overload

UNITED STATES—I will admit it: I have way too many clothes in my closet. It has gotten so overwhelming I don’t even know where...

My Closet Is Too Packed!

UNITED STATES—Have you ever taken a look at your closet and just said there is just too much going on in here. Yes, that...

Closet Overhaul

UNITED STATES—I did it. I did something that I had been talking about doing for months I finally took action and organized my closet....

Cleaning Out Clutter Is Not So Easy

UNITED STATES—Once a year, I attempt to do something that I think most Americans rank at the top of their list: declutter their homes....
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