UNITED STATES—I did something that made me quite happy this past weekend; I did a bit of early spring cleaning in my closet. The closet can indeed be a daunting place because a lot of the time we just shove things in there and never think about them again. However, that is not always a smart idea America. Why? The clutter can quickly add up and it can get to a point where every time you open the closet door things are falling down or you’re so disgusted with the clutter you immediately close the door.

So I decided it was time to do something. I have a ton of clothing because I have been picking things up that were on sale America. As a result, I’ve been able to take clothes that I have NOT been wearing and I have no plans to wear and giving the items away. Most of those clothing items I gave to my younger brother and my nephew.

Even I had to gasp at the number of T-shirts that I have people. It was a lot more than I had expected and my notion has always been if you buy it you don’t want to get rid of it. However, I’ve come to the realization that sometimes you have to part with things. Getting rid of some of those clothes opened my closet completely for more storage and organization.

If there is anything people know about me it’s the fact that I had clutter. I need to have things organized and properly aligned to have clarity. Yes, my closet is organized by jeans, sweaters, jackets, coats, T-Shirts, hoodies etc. I like to know where things are if I need to find something quickly I know exactly where to look people. At the same time, you have to be considerate to the fact that once you clear out the closet the goal is NOT to re-stuff it all over again.

So yes, I donated a lot of my clothes, but at the same time I have a ton that are like fairly new, have never been worn so I sold them. Yeah, you can make a bit of money off of your clothing people especially if the items are lightly worn and not significantly damaged. I can take that money and use it to pay a bill, to buy groceries, fill up the gas tank, purchase cleaning supplies and a host of other things. There is always ways to make money, so if cleaning out your closet helps you to have a bit of a hustle, go for it America it is always a plus even if you don’t think it is.

The hard part is shifting all those fall and winter clothes and having to swap them out with your spring and summer attire. Yeah, that is never a fun thing to do, but if you live in a part of the country that has all four seasons that is something you have to do America. It is unfortunate, but it comes with the times. Just look at it this way, cleaning out the closet is NOT a chore, look at it as an opportunity to get organized and bring a bit more clarity to your life people.

Written By Jason Jones