UNITED STATES—Is it finally time to renovate your home? One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to home renovation is choosing the right timing. You’ll need to coordinate the weather, costs, budget and the upcoming holidays in order to come up with the best timeline.

Usually it’s the end of winter, a very slow season, or beginning of spring when we are actually eager for some changes, when we start thinking of renovations.

Another key aspect to keep in mind is the fact that renovating the entire house in one go would not only be too expensive, but it would also be unnecessarily stressful. That’s why you should approach this process one segment at a time.

Room-by-room renovations are easier to organize, and although they’re not necessarily any cheaper, they do tend to put less strain on your budget. This, of course, does not necessarily apply to major renovation projects, such as floor and insulation renovations, that are best to be taken care of in one go.

So, in short, the only right answer here is that the best time to renovate your home is when you have enough time, money and other resources. But let’s explore this a bit deeper.

Make a wish list, set the budget and make a plan

First of all, make a list of your renovation goals. Note down every single idea that comes to mind. However, do this well in advance, so that you have enough time to make any necessary cuts and/or additions before you actually start.

Once you have a detailed list of all of the renovations, it’s time to make rough calculations and see if there’s enough room in your budget to cover them all. If not, make slight adjustments and try not to be biased when it comes to wants and needs.

A well-developed plan is crucial for easy and efficient home renovation. It will help you achieve all your goals with minimum stress and no waste of money. Be sure to put floor renovation, insulation renovation and windows and doors installation on the list, find the right time for these tasks and do necessary research on all of those items. For instance, you can easily learn all you need to know about roof insulation, no matter if you wish to hire experts or plan on tackling the task yourself.

When to start preparing for renovations

One of the most important steps to take is finding a team of trusted contractors. As winter is a slow and lazy time of the year for most kinds of work on home renovations, this is the perfect time to look for contractors. Find the best possible team for your wishes and your budget around three months before you intend to start with all the work. This will give you enough time to finish all the contracts and start packing stuff from the space where all the work will begin, and move it to other rooms.

The best time to renovate floors

As the temperatures in the early fall are very pleasant, still warm enough but not too hot, and humidity is still low, this is one of the best times of the year for floor renovations. There is a possibility that your family will have to spend the day out of the house, and it is much easier to do so in nice, warm weather.

The best time to renovate roof insulation, doors and windows, and floors

The better your roof is insulated, the more comfortable the house will be. With good roof insulation you will spend less energy on heating up and cooling your home, since the insulation will significantly reduce the energy loss.

It’s best to take care of this in early spring or late autumn to avoid summer heat.

The best time to renovate doors and windows

Early fall is also a good time to renovate your existing doors and windows, or to install new ones. Due to pleasant temperatures, having your windows and doors open during renovations shouldn’t be an issue.

The best time for kitchen renovations

When it comes to kitchen renovations, think about the time of the year you use it the most – during the holiday season. So, it would be best to start with renovations either well prior or right after the holiday season ends.

Ideally, spring and summer months should be strongly considered, as during this time you can easily take all of your cooking efforts outside, until all of the indoor work is finished.

The best time for renovating the bathroom

Probably the best time of the year for bathroom renovation is late winter or early spring, as it is usually a slow season. Most bathroom renovations are done in autumn, so you will have better prices and it will be easier to find contractors.

The best time for painting walls and ceilings

Painting walls and ceilings could be a DIY job, or you can engage contractors if you are not that handy, but the best time for this action is when it is not too hot or too cold, and humidity is low.

This way the paint will have enough time to settle and dry properly without any risks of chipping, peeling or cracking. If your home is well-insulated, you can easily give it a fresh coat of paint in winter but leave outdoor repainting projects for spring or early summer, while the weather is warm – but not too hot, and the humidity is low.

Outdoor renovations

Finally, any outdoor renovations should be done while the weather is mild, and there are no extreme temperature oscillations. What’s more, you need to organize them while the air is dry and humidity low, which will vary depending on the region you live in.

Upkeeping shrubs, bushes, greenery, flowers and gardens has to be done periodically, depending on what time of the year certain plants grow best.