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The Year Of Disney!

HOLLYWOOD—With the success of the film "Beauty and The Beast," which I believe exceeded expectations, breaking numerous records and bringing in a beastly $170...

“Moana” Rules Thanksgiving Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—Well moviegoers hit the multiplex in massive numbers during the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Coming out on top was the Disney animated flick “Moana”...

Parent Bashing?

UNITED STATES—People "parent bashing" as well as complaining about those that PARENT BASH are all over the internet lately. The HARAMBE incident is still...

Evolution Of: Loving And Hating Redheads

UNITED STATES—March is the month of the redhead and I'd like to think that if I were born somewhere other than soul-crushing Upstate New...

“Tomorrowland” Is Imaginative Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Hmmm, when I first heard about the movie “Tomorrowland” I did my best to categorize the flick. Was it an action movie, a sci-fi...

Demi Lovato Hospitalized

HOLLYWOOD—Singer and actress Demi Lovato, 22, was hospitalized on Tuesday, February 24 after encountering a lung infection. The day following her visit to the hospital,...
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