Tag: eating habits

The Diet Evolution

UNITED STATES—I probably should NOT be using the word diet, but for this column so be it. It actually has become a lifestyle change...

Health Regimen 101

UNITED STATES—A lot of us take our health for granted. We really don’t think about what we’re eating, why we’re eating it and rather...

One Too Many Snacks

UNITED STATES—Snacks, you got to love them, but at the same time you have to hate them. There is not a single person in...

Health Is What You Make It

UNITED STATES—As Americans if there is one thing that we’re all guilty of its not taking full accountability for our health. There are things...

Limiting Fast-Food Consumption

UNITED STATES—It is the one thing many of us go to when we just have one of those days where the notion of cooking...
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