UNITED STATES—I probably should NOT be using the word diet, but for this column so be it. It actually has become a lifestyle change for me. Since March I took drastic changes to eliminate unhealthy items from my eating habits. The thing about giving up something that you crave is that it is quite difficult for the first week or so, but after you get over that hump, it becomes so much easier. So I know what many people are thinking? What did you give up or eliminate from your daily consumption.

For starters, there is no more soda because it’s loaded with sugar. I have NOT had any soda since April 2020, and the crazy thing is that I don’t even crave it. Before I would see people drink a soda and want one, but at this point it does not bother me at all. In addition, I have eliminated the consumption of red meat and shellfish because they can cause potential flare-ups of Gout for me. I have a genetic predisposition to it because I have a high uric acid level that my body produces.

Could I still catch Gout, without eating red meat and shellfish? Yes, but just consider the notion of decreasing the chances as much as possible with meds as well. Let me be honest I’m not a big shellfish person anyway so I don’t miss it, and when it comes to red meat, of course I want a good burger, but I can enjoy it well with ground turkey or ground chicken, without all the fats and additives.

I have also eliminated candy. I wouldn’t say I was a big consumer of the item, but having it here and there was fun, but not anymore and I don’t miss it. I really don’t and that tells you that if you can find a way to eliminate things from your diet that you don’t need and you do not miss them that is always a good thing America. I do consume a lot more water, more milk; I drink a lot more pure juices in terms of carrot juice, ginger juice and cherry juice. The ginger one is a tough one, but it does have plenty of benefits including reducing nausea and gastrointestinal issues, in addition to helping reduce blood pressure and it is an anti-inflammatory.

With me sharing some details about my diet evolution, the thing I want the world to remember is that you really have to eliminate the word diet because it comes across as temporary. You might reach that weight goal that you want, and then return to your old eating habits. You really cannot do that, you have to make it become a part of your daily routine, and it’s a lifestyle change. Once you change it, the goal is to aim to not go back. You might have a slip up here and there, but remember it’s not the end of the world; you can always start anew the next day.