UNITED STATES—A lot of us take our health for granted. We really don’t think about what we’re eating, why we’re eating it and rather it is healthy for us. It sometimes takes someone we truly care about getting deftly ill for us to realize, “Hey we might have to make some changes to our diet.” I mean I like to think I eat healthy, but I will admit, if you’re at the hospital 24/7 for nearly 2 weeks, the thought of eating healthy completely goes out the window.

I mean you know you have to eat, but the last thing you’re thinking about is rather what you just stuffed in your mouth is good for you. Fast food, three times a day, not the best thing for your body, on top of constant stress on your body, not to mention, your lack of exercise and no sleep it can all contribute to bad eating habits and potential weight gain. I’m a firm believer that you sometimes have to be scared straight when it comes to your health to truly realize, whatever you were doing before you can no longer do it.

The one thing that I have ALWAYS had a knack for is eating fruits and veggies. You give me a fruit, you give me a veggie and I will make it my best friend. I prefer to indulge in a natural sugar versus something that has sugar added to it. Why? Well, you don’t want to place yourself in a situation where you are on the borderline of becoming a diabetic or you actually become a diabetic. Yes, that is a scary word to hear, but I know plenty of people who are Type II diabetics and they have to take insulin shots the rest of their life. It’s not something anyone wants to do, but you do what you have to in order to survive. I always tell people we all have cravings and just cutting off those cravings or going cold turkey is NO EASY FEAT alone. Is it possible to do? Absolutely because I’ve done it time in and time out, where I’ve given up candy for 6 months, soda/pop for months or stuck to a strict no red meat diet.

If you have the commitment in your mind, all it takes is for you to fully commit to it in your everyday life. Start off small and move from there. Do not try to be Superman and tackle 50 things at once, because most Americans cannot accomplish such a feat, and I don’t care how strong you claim to be people. Preparation is another key thing to success. Utilize storage containers to prep your meals for the day or the entire week. This also applies to your snack portions. You cannot just eat from the bag if you’re indulging in potato chips. Why? You’re not likely to eat just a few; you might eat the entire bag.

Here is my advice America, you are in control of your health, if your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other numbers are higher than what you want them to be, make changes. You control your fate, it will not be easy, but it first and foremost starts with you.